Why SEO Is Essential For Running A Business In 2022?


Billions of people are using the internet daily and this includes actively using search engines to find local businesses, products, and services. Yet only a small percent of these websites are actually showing up on the first page for organic search results.

If your companies’ website isn’t actively getting traffic from organic search results, you are losing out on serious profits. The first step to start driving search traffic is to strengthen your website and implement a solid SEO strategy.

Search engine optimisation isn’t the easiest approach and without a skilled SEO Agency by your side, it can be difficult to achieve first-page search results or even increase your website traffic. In this article, we will explain why SEO is essential for your business and tip that you can try to start driving organic traffic and outrank your competitors on major search engines.  

1.      Budget-Friendly

Regardless of your budget you can still launch you SEO efforts and achieve real results. This is because unlike paying for traffic with ads, SEO traffic is 100% organic. If you’re doing the work yourself that means you are saving a lot more for your business. Although not necessary you could also hire a digital marketing agency, to make some impactful changes both on and off your web pages. They can also develop fresh content and blog posts with relevant keywords in order to increase traffic and rank your website higher.

2.      Backlinking

Developing content to be published on someone else’s blog containing a link back to one of your web pages is another great way to increase traffic to your website. This is an organic way to climb up the search rankings and gain new customers.  

The first step is to begin writing informative content related to your industry, then find websites within your industry that offer guest blogging. Websites that have a large following and high traffic will provide the best results. By consistently contributing guest posts over time your ranking and sales will begin to see improvements and grow.

3.      Brand Credibility  

Today’s internet users find the organic search rankings more “credible” and many users might even avoid clicking on paid results. When your company’s website shows up at the top of search results, your business will be seen as a credible source and increase trust with potential customers.

Without a strong online presence, your competitors are taking you customers and profits. Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business and start developing an SEO strategy to boost sales, traffic, and get ahead of the competition.

4.      On-Page Optimisation

Optimising certain aspects of your website is a simple and cost-effective way that you can begin to boost your search ranking and obtain organic traffic.

By optimising your websites links, page headers, meta information, keyword and tags you can improve your search ranking considerably. This is because Google will better understand your business using these features. When search engines such as Google are able to clearly understand your website, they can rank you accordingly.

5.      Improved Conversions

Your website content is one of the most important aspects of organic searches. Having relevant keywords and valuable content can lead to an increase in traffic and conversions.

Having high-quality keywords is one of the first steps in establishing a high search ranking.

Begin establishing keywords throughout your website, services and product descriptions. This will lead to an increase in the traffic to your site and users coming back due to valuable and informative content. Users coming back will increase your conversions and even boost search ranking.


Now that you recognise why search engine optimisation is so important, you have a piece of improved knowledge on how to implement it. Get in touch with Finsbury Media and we’ll come up with an SEO plan that achieves your objectives.