Why Not To Use a Free Video Platform Like YouTube for Your Business?

Video Platform

YouTube might be or might not be the best choice for every type of business. A video hosting platform like YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting platform, but with several drawbacks. It is free to use without any subscription, but it is full of ads. 

Nowadays, with the increasing technology, there are several platforms available for Vlogging, which provides an ad-free environment to its creators. There are many basic requirements every business expects from a hosting platform that is not fulfilled by YouTube, such as:

1. Does not provide custom branding:

As we know, branding is the key to attracting people to some new products. Each company has its custom branding system to advertise its product. A video hosting platform like YouTube does not allow its users custom branding, which is the most important reason that it is not used for a business purpose.

2. Does not provide an ad-free facility:

Every video on YouTube is hosted with lots of advertisements that distracts viewers and attracts them to other competitors’ ads. The distraction from other competitors’ ads highly affects the business. So, this feature of YouTube stops many businessmen from starting its business over YouTube.

3. Lack of analytics:

YouTube also does not provide advanced video analytics, which is important to survive nowadays, as technology is growing rapidly with several advancements. The basic features of YouTube distract viewers and make them change their default video hosting sites with others. 

4. Lack of customer support service:

YouTube is the only platform that does not provide any customer support service at the time of any emergency or need. It has the only feature of a help centre and community help forums where you can register your complaint. YouTube does not provide any special service to its creators. 

5. Lack of integration:

Firstly, the complexity of marketing is very big and difficult to co-ordinate with its all-structural parts and also socialise with every human. YouTube also lacks integration and contains many inefficiencies, which decrease the decision-making and increase complexity across the business. This is also the reason why creators do not prefer YouTube for business. 

6. Problems with its privacy system:

There are many problems faced by some creators on YouTube regarding privacy systems. YouTube does not provide any protection of passwords and permissions so it is not a secure platform for the creators. 

There are many problems faced by creators or YouTubers while uploading their videos over YouTube. Some of the restrictions doesn’t allow creators to add the logo to their video, can not customise player colours, can not include any timed button, and many more. 


With the increase in competition over marketing, video hosting platforms are also changing and emerging with new technologies. Earlier, YouTube was the only video hosting platform, but now there are several with many advancements. YouTube still has some restrictive features, which make it backwards as compared new technological platforms; however, the users of YouTube are still more than the other hosting platforms.