Why Is There No MOT Information Available For My Car?

Mot Testing Service

We believe this solution is valuable for monitoring the MOT expiration date of the MOT testing service and their clients. One problem for testors is that they find the customer has sent the car in too soon for an MOT when entering into MOT Comp — more than a month early. The consumer then frequently chooses to take the vehicle away and then leaves the tester to cancel the test.

Testers wondered over years why it could not be easily verified on the expiration dates of the tests. Prior to the advent of MOT Digitisation, an expiry date for automobiles was classified as personal information, and some details needed to prove a strong interest.

MOT moderisation 

As time went on and following a study, it was determined not to classify an expiration date as personal data anymore. In the coming, it will be easier to use MOT modernize for accessing expiration dates for vehicles.

Before you purchase your vehicle’s MOT history, you can be more informed about the car’s history, repeat technical defects, and if your previous owner maintained the car effectively (s). An MOT test verifies the automobile is in a viable position and satisfies the United Kingdom regulations. Every year after three years, a car should have an MOT — before that, an MOT isn’t needed.

MOT and legal concerns 

Drive an automobile without an effective motor vehicle is against to law and can impose a fine of up to £2,500, a three-point license, and a driving ban. As such, you have a valid MOT and spotless history for a car that you buy.

Each automobile on the highways in the UK must be kept in a safe-to-drive state with a valid MOT. Thus if your automobile has no MOT, it should not be driven since it might jeopardise you and other car drivers.

MOT testing 

Only when you get the automobile fixed or attend to a pre-planned MOT test are you permitted to drive a car without the MOT legitimate. The trial certificate will be valid for 12 months provided your automobile passes its MOT. By verifying the date on the certificate, you can see how long is left on your MOT.

Vintage cars are automobiles that were built or registered for the first time 40 years ago and are no longer in manufacturing. In the previous 30 years, these cars have not altered a lot.

As of 12 October 2020, if your automobile, motorbike, or light-car vehicle has been 3500kg or lower, initially constructed, or registered more than 40 years ago, you do not have to undergo an MOT/Goods Vehicle Test.


It must be kept in a roadworthy state whether the vehicle is excluded. If you so choose, the option exists to volunteer the car. A voluntary test may be required, for example, to transfer a registration number from a vehicle since this program occasionally involves a test.

If the automobile has lapsed, the vehicle is now free from the tests you must submit to a post office when filing for road tax to prove the exclusion from the MOT type. You must submit the correct form for the vehicle type.

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