Why Go To Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinics For Pre-Employment Physicals


Excited to join a new job? And your employer has asked you to provide pre-employment physical before you start the job. When it’s about getting these physicals done, you may typically consider going to hospitals, or your primary care provider for the service. However, you may not know that pre-employment exams are also offered at urgent care Granite Bay centers and other walk-in clinics in your area. Almost all urgent care centers are fully equipped to provide pre-employment physicals that suit the requirements of different organizations and occupations. 

These urgent care clinics also offer customized physicals that fit the needs of your employer or your company.

Here is why you must go to urgent care centers for getting pre-employment physicals done:

No appointment requirement

Urgent care units are designed to provide medical services quicker than other health settings. Many urgent care centers provide medical care and treatment to a patient on a walk-in basis which means you need no appointment. This also means that you can get your pre-employment exam done quicker than other medical care facilities. So, if you’re busy and have no time for waiting in lines, you can go to urgent care and get fast service. 

Custom physicals 

It’s a good decision to go to urgent care or walk-in clinics as these units can customize pre employment physical as per the needs of the organization you want to join. 

Cheaper services than emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities

Another good reason to visit urgent care facility is that the services are cheaper than emergency rooms and hospitals. For saving money on healthcare needs, urgent care is a great facility to visit. 


Unlike other healthcare and medical facilities, urgent care or walk-in clinics are open 7 days a week. They are available to provide their medical care and pre-employment testing service until 8 pm tonight. So, here you have the flexibility to go and have your pre-employment exam done at your convenience. Even if you have been busy all week, you can go on the weekend at your convenient time. 

Offer all physical exams required for the job 

Apart from the pre-employment exam service, the urgent care facility covers all vital employment exams that an employee needs to take during and before starting employment. They offer all-important health exams required in employment to examine your overall health. 

When you visit urgent care Sacramento clinics, you need to bring in your forms provided by your employer so that they can provide you pre-employment test services based on your requirements. 

To bottom it up 

Pre-employment physicals are becoming important in employment processes as these help your company to determine whether you are healthy and fit to take on the job’s responsibilities. You can rely on urgent care clinics because these units have qualified healthcare staff and trained doctors to conduct your important pre-employment exams in a convenient way and at affordable prices.