Why Foreign Students Should Rent Furnished Apartments?


Whether you’re a foreign student or a recent graduate, renting a furnished apartment can be a good choice for your next living space. These apartments are often more affordable than traditional rentals, and many students find them to be a great value for the money. But there are some things to keep in mind before renting one. Foreign students typically have limited financial resources and don’t have access to large sums of money. You will need to plan carefully and save your money for the apartment rental.

Proof of good credit history

When renting a furnished apartment for foreign students, the landlord may require proof of your credit history. Typical documentation requested by landlords includes a credit score report, two years of tax returns, three months of bank statements, and two or three months’ worth of paycheck stubs. The landlord will also want to see your official identity document and proof of funds. A good landlord should be able to verify your credit history before approving a lease.

While searching for an apartment, international students must obtain certain documents before renting. They must start collecting these documents three to four months prior to their move. One of the most important documents is proof of good credit history. This generally takes the form of a credit check. Students without an acceptable credit history may need a guarantor to sign utility contracts and lease agreements. The landlord should also have a copy of your student visa.


Whether you are studying abroad or relocating for a job, you will need to know the city’s location to find a furnished apartment. Some cities are more expensive than others. If you have never lived in a foreign city, you may be surprised at how expensive housing can be. 


Depending on the location, a furnished apartment can cost anywhere from C$400 to C$1,500 per month. This amount is subject to change depending on the neighborhood and the number of co-tenants living in the apartment. Before signing a lease, students should make sure to tour the prospective apartments and check the availability of their desired location. The price of a furnished apartment varies widely from location to location, so it is important to shop around for the best value.

Generally, furnished apartments Charlotte are more expensive to rent than unfurnished ones. Although landlords can charge higher rents for furnished units, many renters find that it is worth paying the extra money. While this may be true, there are other advantages to renting a furnished apartment, such as proximity to the city center and a central location. In addition, student-friendly policies allow students to have a free internet connection.

Cost of moving furniture

If you are a student, you should consider renting furniture instead of buying it. Renting furniture is easier to move and doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Some student furniture companies will pick up your furniture at the end of your lease. Renting furniture is also more modern and stylish than buying it. However, before renting furniture, consider its price and whether you need to store it or sell it. A furnished apartment may not include basic household items such as a bed, desk, and closet.