Why Does Your Idea Need A Patent To Retail?


Patents to Retail – It is an established fact that every idea needs a patent but why does your idea need the services of Patent to Retail? Here look at some of our accomplishments and decide that for yourself.

«  Extent Service

The chains like Target, Walmart, Dollar General and Bed, Bath&Beyond are household names, not only for US-based clients, but also for people in our other countries. We have provided patents for over 800 products that are now part of these esteemed chains.



«  Dollar Value                                                   

The services and hard-work of our very capable staff has enabled successful patents that are now earning over $90 million in returns and this count is still going. So, recruit our professionals today to help you get the returns your idea deserves.

«  Product Range

So far, we have secured patents for a wide range of products. Our clientele has received state-of-the-art services from us on their products. Be it a gratitude journal or a dog bowl, a new design of travel mug or a mystical fire, we have done it.

«  Learn about an innovation

We have clients who did not know in the first look that their idea was unique. We know that shoe polish is not a recent invention but adds a twist of innovation and you have a patent over a water-resistant shoe polish. Now that’s a product customers are interested in! You may not realize what you have is a new idea unless you talk to us.

So let Patent to Retail at your service to guide you along the way.