Why Do People Love Fireworks?


Have you ever wondered why people could not get over fireworks? Even children love fireworks, and you must have seen in wedding parties, New Years’ Eve, Merry Christmas, birthday parties, and Sports ceremonies that many people put out fireworks and firecrackers. Some people might get scared of fireworks. While many people love fireworks, Afterall majority are authorities. You might have noticed that when a firework explodes, people start to become happy; they clap their hands, make noise, scream, do hooting and start to display their excitement for what’s going to happen. 

Suppose you want to make a certain ceremony grand and memorable with fireworks. Then, fountain fireworks are just for you; they crack like fountains of moving stars, and magical lights are available in different and multiple colours. 

In this article, we will discuss why do people love fireworks so much. What is so special about the loud, exploding, and colourful bursting fireworks which makes people love them.

What makes love fireworks?

To deeply understand the human mental process through which a man goes through, and what are the patterns which make a person fall in love with the firework. We will need to look at what Daniel Glaser, a neuroscientist, has to say about them. According to Glaser, “people seem to be excited by the anticipation of a slightly scary experience, and fireworks repeatedly set up this expectation. Each flash generates the anticipation of a bang, and that satisfaction seems to be what’s exciting about the display.”

1. Brain enjoys fear

It is a psychological fact that a human brain enjoys fear if it is a small fear’. God forbid, it is not a murder or suicide of anybody. Instead, the brain loves when fireworks take place. Initially, it comes out with the sudden outburst of fire and out noise, which could alone make anybody afraid for a while. Then the stars shoot up into the sky and make tinkling sounds with a magical atmosphere spreading all over the skyline.

2. Depiction of fairy tales

You might have noticed that any movie with the genre of magical realism or romantic movies. Usually have a firework scene which is thought to be romanticized a lot. It is possible that the idea of fairytales is related to the firework. 

Even at first, if you see the fireworks in the sky. It automatically gives a magical and out of this world depiction which is also being carried out in the outer reality. 

3. Rupture of colours

Fireworks are the beautiful rupture of colourful lights which are enough to make anybody happy, smile and forget their sorrow for at a minute. This statement could be proved true by Daniel Glaser, who says that “fireworks genuinely synthesize new wavelengths of colour; basically chemists have hijacked the system when it comes to fireworks, they can cook up colours outside the spectrum.”

Concluding thoughts

It is 100% true that people love fireworks, and their reasons could vary from one person to another. One person might think of fireworks from a magical and out of this world perspective. While the other might take peace in getting disappear in the world of joy, the wavelength of colours. Most importantly, psychologists agree that the human ‘brain enjoys fear’, and the brain cheats man while fireworks shoot up to the sky.