Why Choose Rabbit Jacket When Picking A Starter Fur


It’s a known fact in the history of warm clothing that fur is impressively warm and the best insulator money can buy. However, many people still can’t afford to buy one no matter how much they would love to be hugged with fur. It’s certainly a good thing that there are other furs that are more attainable and relatively affordable.

Rabbit furs draw more attention to a lot of buyers who so badly want to get into the world of genuine furs, due to the fact that they are more affordable. The reason behind their attainability is that rabbit fur can be generously produced. If you’re not quite sure whether you want to choose a more affordable rabbit fur or save up for a more expensive one like mink fur, you can always start out with a rabbit fur hat and see if its genuine fur quality works for you.

While fur jackets are reliable outerwear to keep you warm, they can be quite heavy for a more slender wearer. This is what gives a rabbit jacket the upper hand in the stratum of furs when it comes to a starter fur jacket. Rabbit pelts are pretty light and soft, they are also not deeply laid compared to the other commercially available furs. So, they are not only lightweight, but they also bring a delightful balance of warmth and comfort.

Rabbit pelts, no matter what size they come, they can never be made into a full coat or a jacket even. This is why when you see a rabbit jacket, they are evidently lined with pieces of pelts patched together to ultimately form a whole jacket or coat. And they may not rise to the same quality of mink or sable coats, the patchwork for which rabbit coats and jackets are created is highly chic and fashionable.

Also, rabbit fur can be used to create ritzy outerwear that doesn’t scream exaggeration. With genuine care and attention, they could not only last you for years, but they will also provide you the versatility to dress up or down as compared to more formal, more conventional fur styles. Simply put, rabbit fur is amongst the most compromising material in the world of furs. You can always put together a posh ensemble with rabbit fur or a much low-key outfit for a simple day or night out.

Apart from rabbit fur being great for dressing up or down, you can always accessorize them any way you want. Because of how rabbit fur can be dyed and patched, the supply of items lined with rabbit fur is endless! You can always pair your rabbit coat or jacket with rabbit hats or gloves—whichever you prefer.

The only thing you have to worry about when it comes to proper care of your rabbit fur is excess moisture. This is of utmost importance as it can ruin or shorten its life expectancy. If this happens, shake any excess water from snow or rain. And if it gets really wet or if the water has reached the liner of the jacket, bring your fur to the most reliable fur specialist right away.

If you have finally made up your mind about purchasing your first-ever, more affordable fur jacket, consider buying a rabbit jacket from Maximilian. They not only have an exquisite collection of other rabbit fur garments, but they’ll also provide guidance on how you could properly care for your rabbit fur. Check out their website or call them at 800-TLC-FURS

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