Why are Uncontested Divorces Cheap and Fast?


If you’re tired of the tediousness and expense of divorce, you may be considering an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are less expensive to file than a contested divorce, and they can be finalized in a matter of weeks. You can learn more about uncontested divorces from a divorce lawyer so you can make an informed decision.

Separation is often the first step to filing for a divorce and if both spouses agree to settle their financial obligations, custody arrangements for any children, spousal support for either party as well as property division – then it’s possible that an uncontested divorce can be filed.

An uncontested divorce means that both parties are agreeing to separate. In the majority of cases, the couple has been married for a long time and they’ve lived together. Most people believe it will be difficult to stay in an unhappy marriage after all of their relationship goals have been achieved, but sometimes it is simply not possible. Many couples divorce without having to pay for attorneys and court costs because they are on friendly terms which lead to a quick uncontested divorce.

Who can Choose Uncontested Divorce?

Does your spouse agree to the terms of your separation agreement? Are there no children involved that you are trying to settle custody with? If so, an uncontested divorce may be your best option. It’s important to note that if a couple is separating or divorcing they should be well aware of their legal rights and obligations, which can be learned from an experienced attorney.

The main benefit of choosing an uncontested divorce is the speed at which it takes to finalize a case. In many cases, couples who choose to pursue an uncontested divorce can finalize their case by simply filling out a few forms. An attorney will assist couples in completing those forms and explain everything that is included within the paperwork. It is important to remember that the process of filing a divorce can be time-sensitive and you must not miss any deadlines.

You can choose uncontested divorce if you have already come to an agreement with your spouse regarding alimony, property division, child custody