Why a Photo ID Card Holder is Professional


No matter what type of environment you work in on a daily basis, it’s pretty customary in most industries to require employees to wear an ID or name badge. This is a simple, yet effective form of identification that helps both potential customers, employees, clients, and outside visitors at identifying a person who may work for that specific company.

Another great attribute that comes with employee identification is the simple task of identifying and humanizing each employee. It would be a strange altercation for a customer to approach an employee looking for help or needing service without being able to search for the employee’s name, job title, or position at the company.

Having proper identification in the form of a photo ID badge or name tag will allow for better customer service opportunities as well as customer and employee connection. In some work situations, name tags and badges may even be necessary to enter the office building or certain rooms that an employee may have access to.

So since most businesses and industries require certain identification in the form of name tags, badges, and photo identification, what are you supposed to do with that name badge? Sure, you can simply tack it onto your shirt or belt, but sometimes, that placement can be very inconvenient.

If you need to constantly take off your photo ID to show your identification or to scan into a certain building, it can be quite the hassle to continuously take the name tag on and off your person. Sometimes, those name tags that you can hook onto your shirt can snag and damage your nice work outfit, making you look disheveled and unprofessional.

Especially if you work in a more hands-on environment, there is a big potential for your name badge to get damaged or lost when out in your field of work. However, there is a simple solution to the varying issues that may arise when it comes to certain name badges and other identification tags.

To fix this issue, all you need to do is place your photo identification card into a photo ID card holder. This can come in the form of a clear, plastic sleeve that offers convenience and protection to your name tag for whatever situation may arise.

Usually, with these photo id holders, they often are attached to a lanyard, which provides the easiest way to keep a hold of your name tag in whatever work situation you are in. If you are an employer or an employee looking for a new and easy way to hold your identification, then look into what Imprint Plus has to offer.

Why Choose Imprint Plus?
Imprint Plus is a great identification service that is dedicated to providing the best quality products and services on the market. Among the plethora of identification products available, is their trusty photo ID card holder, which is manufactured with sturdy and long lasting materials. This multi use product can hold many different forms of identification such as ID cards, membership cards, lab entry cards, and everything else in between.

Imprint Plus is also dedicated to helping serve the planet. Their very own PureClear™ badge holders are made with ethyl vinyl acetate which is an environmentally friendly material that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is more environmentally conscious than other materials like PVC.

Attached to their badge holders is their durable antimicrobial lanyards, which are the perfect addition to your badge holder that won’t harbor any unwanted bacteria, which is great for times like these.

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