Who Beat Pac-Man First?

Who Beat Pac-Man First

Those who are amateur players of Pac-Man will be aware of the name Billy Mitchell. Billy Mitchell is a well-known player who broke all the records of the Pac-Man game series. Mitchell is the first person who succeeded in mastering the Pac-Man regarding scores and perfection. He reached the end of the game and played over all the levels of the game. He made this world record in 1999 and reached the end of the game. Though creators and designers were the champions of this game before his record, he left them behind by breaking all the records and scoring the highest scores. You can check out the thorough story of Billy Mitchell at letstechup.com. However, a short description of his achievements will be discussed in the later section. 

Mitchell played Pac man so perfectly that he succeeded in beating the creators and designers of this game. Due to his achievements, the creator’s team called him “Video Game Player Of the Century”. Celebrating the Pacman 30th anniversary game, Google launched different versions of it that you can get via google doodle too. Here is a short introduction to the champion of the Pac-Man series and his achievements.  

How Much Did Mitchell Scored? 

The highest score of Mitchell in Pac-Man is about 3,333,360 which is unbeaten yet. Being an amateur gamer, Mitchell has many world records in different games. However, the Pac-Man world record made him famous. The Twin Galaxies and Guinness Book of World records declared this versatile player as the holder of the highest score record in Pac-Man. 

Story of Mitchell’s Record in Pac Man

After its release, Pac-Man became the center of many game lovers’ attention. They started to work on it to make a remarkable record. However, the higher level you reach, the tougher will be competition. After level 256, Pac man was surrounded by many ghosts who made its escape approximately impossible. 

Eight Year Old Boy’s Success on Pac Man

In 1982, an eight-year-old boy shocked the successful players of different video games by reaching the highest scores on Pac Man which were about 6 million. His name became the heading of the hot news after President Ronald Reagan appreciated him. This thing made many other players work for it. Mitchell was one of such players who started working for mastering the Pac man till the end. All about Universal Studios Hollywood

Mitchell and Pac Man

After the world record of a young boy in 1982, Mitchell and one of his friends named Ayra started working on Pac-Man. They started their journey in 1983 and learned different methods that helped them to escape out of the 256 level. Many other players also tried their best to play the Pac man till the end but failed. 

After successive failures and repeated attempts, Mitchell finally succeeded in scoring the highest points on Pac-Man in 1999. His record is safe in the Guinness Book of world records and Twin Galaxies. The creator of the game, Namco, brought the highest scorer to Tokyo and awarded him with the award. 

Final Thoughts 

Billy Mitchell, who is a manager of a restaurant and an amateur gamer, made the highest points in the Pac Man. He challenged all the players to break his record but no one succeeded in this achievement till now. From 1999 to the date, Mitchell has been champion of the Pac Man. He is still unbeaten. You can find out his full story at letstechup.com. This blog will help you to explore many facts about did different game players. 

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