White City Living: 3 Tips To Enjoy It Like A Local


Settling down in a new city is difficult for anyone. It’s an even more significant challenge when you dive head-first into living in a new area without any information. Moving into White City Living is no different. This area may not be as popular as its neighbours, but it is considered an up-and-coming place to live. Getting to know White City before officially moving to the area is a great way to ensure you feel comfortable and at home in just a few short days.

It seems impossible to settle down and feel like you belong in White City while looking at a London property for sale. By following these tips, your transition to White City will be an easy task:

Tip 1: Take Advantage Of Public Transportation

White City has earned itself an “Excellent” rating for public transportation, making it a great option for people who want to live and work in London without paying excessive rent. Locals in the area prefer to ride public transportation rather than drive since the best places to visit, such as Canary Wharf, Westminster, and The City are all less than an hour’s transit away.

Tip 2: Shop Like A Pro

The Westfield Shopping Centre is considered Europe’s largest shopping centre, and it is located near White City. Locals can enjoy the shopping centre’s 360 shops, 60 restaurants, and 17 cinemas. It’s truly an experience you must have after moving to White City.

Tip 3: Opt For An Apartment, Not A House

In White City, houses and apartments are available for rent and sale. However, most of the area’s dwellings are apartments, resulting in a close-knit neighbourhood. The area is best for couples without children, singles, and professionals working in the city. Hence, apartments are the best option if you’re looking to start a life in White City.

The White City Living Neighbourhood

One of the newest projects in the heart of West London, White City Living is being developed into the next it-city for young professionals who want to live close to the city. With Imperial College’s new research campus located in the area, the neighbourhood is perfect for college students and new graduates to start their independent lives. The site is slowly building its reputation as the hub for culture, arts, and science. Plus, residents can easily travel in and out of White City with easy access to public transportation.

White looking at a London property for sale, don’t forget to check all the amenities and resident privilege the apartment offers. The White City project offers residents a long list of benefits and luxuries ranging from a 24-hour concierge, access to private cinema rooms, a spa, and a fitness centre to a fully equipped gym that all residents can use for personal training. There’s so much more the property offers its future residents.

Check out White City as a possible residence for you in the near future. The sleepy city is slowly waking up, and you’ll find yourself loving the area once developers have completed their projects.