Which Type of Acrylic Keychains is Best for You?


The truth is, there isn’t one best type of Acrylic keychains. Any of these three types of keychains can sell well and help your customers keep track of their keys! But the best choice of custom keychain for your business will depend on a few factors.
A metal keychain might be best for you if you’re looking for a traditional, classic keychain option and you have the budget for them.

A PVC keychain might be the way to go if you’re looking for the most affordable type of keychain that’s still durable and easy to spot.
An embroidered keychain might be the best choice if you’re looking for a lightweight, flexible, old-school type of keychain that’s also very inexpensive.
If you’re not sure which type of keychain would be most appealing to your employees or customers, you could always send out a quick survey asking what they look for in a keychain or asking them to pick their favorite from a few photos.

How to Create Any Type of Acrylic Keychains

Now that you have a better idea of the different types of Acrylic keychains and which one is best for your business, you’re ready to start making your very own custom keychain! While customization options vary depending on the type of keychain you want to make, the overall product creation process is mostly the same. We’ll walk you through how to create any type of custom keychain.

Find a manufacturer

The right keychain manufacturer will make it simple for you to design and customize high-quality metal, PVC, or embroidered keychains at a fair price, with satisfaction guaranteed. Look for a keychain manufacturer that also offers multiple keychain types, many customization options, great customer service, no minimum order quantities, great reviews, fast turnaround times, free design services, and free shipping.
Industry-leading manufacturing company that checks all of those boxes. It’s a great place to start, especially if you’ve never created a custom product before and feel a little intimidated by the entire process.

Choose your keychain type

Now, it’s time to finally nail down with type of keychain you’d like to create. Remember, the type you choose will affect the appearance, functionality, and overall cost of your keychain as well as the customization options available to you, so choose carefully!
If you need to, read up on each of these keychain types in more detail earlier on in this article, then click the corresponding link below to kick the whole product creation process off.

Acrylic Keychains

Next up, select how many pieces you’d like to order (anywhere from 1 to 10,000+) and start making your custom keychain your own! Exact customization options will vary depending on the type of keychain you’ve already selected, but you’ll likely be able to personalize the size, style, colors, attachment type, and beyond.
Note that some customization options may come at an additional cost.

Design your keychain

Next up, iron out your keychain design! If you’ve already done most of the design work, simply submit your sketch files in the creator portal. You can also add additional notes clarifying your artwork and what you’d like to see in the final product if you’d like.

If you’re not much of an artist, that’s okay! Submit whatever sketches you have (even if they’re scribbled on a napkin!) with detailed notes about your vision. Our expert design team will take whatever you give them and turn it into a fabulous keychain. Design services are included free with every order!

Approve a mockup

Our in-house design team will take it from there to create a mockup of your keychain, which you’ll receive as a physical or photographed prototype. If all looks perfect, respond with your approval and we’ll continue with production! If not, respond with detailed feedback of what you’d like to see changed and we’ll revise your design as many times as it takes. (All revisions are free, too!)

Sell or give away your keychains

After you’ve sent your final approval, you’ll have your keychains with free domestic U.S. shipping within your quoted timeline. Then, it’s up to you how you’d like to use them – whether to make a profit in your online store or to spread the word about your company at events!