Which software is best to change Xbox Gamertag?


There are loads of websites that can help you change your Xbox Gamertag – but which will be best for you?

If you’re upgrading to an Xbox One or Xbox One S, you’ll soon receive an email from your internet provider or your broadband supplier asking for your old Gamertag. Microsoft will then change it for you, hopefully before you go away on holiday, but as everyone’s different, it’s best to do it yourself.

The process is simple enough: just go to Xbox.com, log into your Xbox Live account, select your username from the drop down menu, click ‘Manage your profile and then choose ‘Change Gamertag’.

Other options let you change the colour of your Gamertag and, at some point, Microsoft is hoping to open the process up to third-party sites.

Where is Xbox Live – and should I change my Gamertag?

When you first turn on your Xbox One console, Microsoft asks you to create a profile. At this point you can do nothing, and your Gamertag stays the same until you make a different choice.

There are several points where you could choose a different Gamertag: firstly, when you set your account as a Xbox Live Gold member; secondly, when you buy a game from the store; and finally, when you use Skype. It’s always worth doing this at least once a year, but if you’re not ready for another change, there are four other options available.

1. Xbox.com

Microsoft’s official website has more options than any other, letting you change both the colour and font of your Gamertag. While you’re on the site, you can set up a new Gamertag, if you’ve made a previous change. Microsoft will do the hard work for you, and give you an email with your new Gamertag ready to send out when you’re ready.

2. Xbox.com, Microsoft Store

This site is designed to let you buy games from the Xbox store, or apply Microsoft’s recommended security updates. You can’t create a new Gamertag from this page, but if you’ve made a previous change to your Gamertag then Microsoft will send you an email asking you to make another change.

3. xResolver.com

xResolver is a pretty great service for Xbox owners: it lets you create a new Gamertag based on one of the 18,000 slots that have been pre-assigned to you by Microsoft. It will provide a one-off email with your new Gamertag ready to send out to you once you’ve selected your old one from the drop down menu.

4. Xbox Live Advisor

The Xbox Live Advisor is an interesting tool. It allows you to switch between your new, old or pre-assigned Gamertags to see which is best. It’s not as simple as a picture for a mind, but it’s good to know which is best to get from Microsoft.

If you’ve changed your Gamertag in the past, check if there’s any updates to make the process easier for Microsoft. For example, it recently added a pop-up asking you to create a new Gamertag when you first enter the Xbox Store.