Which is the Easiest Method of Accessing Your Fixed Deposit Interest Certificate?


Fixed deposit is an investment option that helps you earn predictable returns on your deposits over a pre-set tenure. The income you generate from this investment is subject to taxes if it surpasses the minimum income limit. This tax implication makes obtaining a fixed deposit interest certificate important. 

An FD interest certificate outlines the total interest you earned from your fixed deposits during a specific financial year. It is particularly useful for tax filing purposes, helping you to declare your income accurately. Given its importance, accessing your fixed deposit interest certificate should be simple, quick, and straightforward.

Online route | The simplest method to access your FD interest certificate

Digitalisation has simplified many traditional banking processes, including access to FD interest certificates anytime and anywhere. Thus, online banking is the easiest and most efficient method to access these documents. 

1. Accessing FD interest certificate through net banking 

You can conveniently access your FD interest certificates through the Internet banking portal of your bank. Here is how. 

  • Open the official website of your bank.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in.
  • Click on the ‘fixed deposits’ tab. Here, you can apply for a fixed deposit account online and even review the details of your existing FDs.
  • Look for an option titled ‘interest certificate’, or something similar.
  • Now, download the interest certificate for the chosen financial year. 

Accessing FD interest certificate through a mobile banking app

Here is how you can access your FD interest certificate through a mobile banking app:

  • Log in to the mobile banking app offered by your bank.
  • Navigate to the fixed deposit option.
  • Click on view or download the interest certificate. Select the particular FD account for which you need the certificate.
  • Choose the financial year for the certificate you require and click on the download or view option. The certificate will either open within the app for viewing or download to your device’s storage.

Choose the ‘previous financial year’ option when downloading the FD interest certificate. This is because you need the certificate for tax filing purposes, which reflects the income earned in the past year. If you opt for the current year, remember that the certificate becomes relevant for the next year’s ITR filing. 

Why is online banking the best option?

Here are 5 reasons to embrace online banking for your FD and other financial needs:

  1. Comprehensive financial management: Besides accessing documents, online banking lets you handle all FD transactions in one place. IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposits offer you such convenience. Click on the apply FD online option and enjoy competitive interest rates, customised tenures, flexible investment amounts, and multiple payout options. Do it all from the comfort of your home.
  1. Cost-effective:  The costs associated with paper processing and postal services are minimised through online banking. This efficiency means more savings for the bank and possibly better rates for you.
  1. Transparency: Online banking helps you access real-time financial data. You can compare interest rates of multiple FDs, evaluate their features, and explore more options. With this information, you can choose the best FD account interest rate for your financial portfolio.
  1. Environment friendly: Every time you opt for an online document over a paper one, you support eco-friendly practices. Moreover, digital documents are easier to organise and store, keeping your data clutter-free.
  1. Safety: Online banking platforms employ advanced encryption and security protocols. This helps in keeping your financial information and documents, like the interest certificate, secure.

To conclude

Accessing your fixed deposit interest certificate through online banking platforms is the easiest and most time-saving method. This approach aligns with the busy lifestyle people lead today and contributes to a more sustainable and organised financial management practice.

This online convenience also gives you the flexibility to use an FD interest rate calculator, which helps you calculate your maturity amount. With the tool, you can further experiment with multiple FD rates and tenures to choose the best FD scheme. 

So, leverage the efficiency of online banking and manage your FD investments more effectively. Make your financial planning as optimised and hassle-free as possible.