When decorating a room in your home, you should always think about the soft furniture that you will use for the windows. Will you choose curtains or blinds? More specifically, you could be debating between Roman blinds and shades. Which one is right for your property? To answer this question, you must compare and contrast the characteristics of both. So let’s see how each selection works. 


 One of the greatest advantages of shades is that they do not require any special changes to your home or a new installation. If you already have a curtain track they can be hung up quickly after purchase and they look great. Roman blinds are a little different and need to be installed. This is not the most complex decorating task in the world, but it still takes a little more effort to transform your room. 


 If you choose Roman shades, one of the biggest advantages is that they are perfect for a minimalist design. So if you want to keep a  completely minimalist room, this is definitely the option for you. Roman blinds are much less intrusive and once they are wrapped you won’t even notice them there. Still, they can add wonderful patterns and tones to your space. As you will notice as you browse the market, Roman blinds are available in a variety of different patterns, styles, and shades, so they will be a perfect match for your space. Tidy and squeaky clean, Roman blinds are simple and elegant. 

 curtains, on the other hand,  add texture to your room. As a characteristic, they are much more noticeable,  so you must be more careful to coordinate them with the rest of the functions of your home. Interior design professionals like Montgomery Interiors can help you make the right decisions when choosing shades for your property while keeping an eye on style and uniform length. Like Roman blinds, shades come in a variety of shades and styles and can also have a beautiful lining. To give your home a soft look, you can even add accent trim to add a touch of character. 


 You may find that Roman blinds are a bit more expensive than shades. Usually, this is because they need to be professionally made and perfectly customized for the windows in 

your home. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget,  consider curtains as the best option.


 Finally, think about the practical elements of these two possibilities. The main purpose of a window covering is to provide privacy and control the amount of light entering a room. You can do both of these things much more effectively with Roman blinds compared to shades. 

 So what’s the best? Well, it will depend on your preferences. If you want a softer covering and add a lot to the interior design, curtains are the best option. On the other hand, if you want something minimalist with many practical advantages, Roman blinds are ideal.