When Do You Need Hernia Surgery?


A hernia is often mistaken to be something else but you need to understand what is Hernia. This is because the sooner the treatment starts less will be the pain and suffering. Also, the faster it recovers the better for you because Hernias can become severely dangerous. So, give this article a read and educate yourself that are you suffering from Hernia? and if yes, then when you need to operate that. So, let’s begin! :-

What exactly is a hernia?

Our body consists of many organs and every organ is held inside our body by the muscles that cover them. So, often these muscles break somewhere and the organs start protruding outside. This is what Hernia is.

How would you know if you have Hernia or not?

Hernias are generally clearly visible as you will see a bulge on your body. And upon pressuring that bulge you will see it is going inside easily. This is the most common sign of Hernia. Also, you will feel pain near the area, and often you will face pain while lifting anything. At this moment it is highly suggested that you should see a Hernia Surgeon.

Do you need Hernia Surgery?

Only a Hernia Surgeon can say that whether or not you need Hernia Surgery. But we can at least tell you the signs which would probably mean you are on the verge of surgery.

You are having the following symptoms

  1. Vomiting
  2. intense pain
  3. Nausea
  4. Fever
  5. Bulge becoming purple or red

The coloration is often not seen but in most cases, you can see the color change. This is mainly because the muscles get strangulated which cuts off the blood supply in that region. And it’s not just muscles but anything that doesn’t get blood supply for long in our body will turn red or purple.

Also, the pain level would clearly show you on which level of hernia you are in right now. The pain starts just after the initial stages but it is often not that much to feel. But slowly and steadily it will start to grow and soon it will reach the threshold that you can take. So, our advice would be, check your possible Hernia as soon as it is possible. Don’t delay the Hernia Surgery because the more you delay, the more you will suffer.

Types of Hernia

  • Femoral Hernia – Femoral Hernias are located on the inner portion of the thigh.
  • Umbilical Hernia – As the name suggests, it occurs near the point
  • Hiatal Hernia – This one is a little bit complex. Hiatal Hernia happens between the stomach and the chest cavity. Which means it causes a hole in the diaphragm. And this diaphragm is also a muscle that holds onto your lungs.
  • Inguinal Hernia – This type of Hernia is located in the groin region in men. And for women, it occurs near the uterus.


Hernia is curable. So, if you see a bulge on your body, consult a doctor as soon as possible and start taking medicines as he suggests.