What’s the Difference Between an Old and a New Table


Sometimes, one might get torn between different choices when looking to get a table. Most users often find themselves confused about whether they should get a new table or an old one.

Also, others can’t tell the difference between them and the advantages a new table has over a new one and vice-versa.

If this sounds like you, read on! This article sheds more light on the key differences between an old and a new table. It compares these two categories of tables in terms of very important factors like the pricing, gameplay, and other relevant information about table tennis. 


One could need a table tennis table for a tournament, leisure, or for practice. Whichever might be the case, pricing has to be carefully thought about when going for a table. You need to find ping pong tables that made the cut to get the best value.

It is important to know the price of both to match it with your needs and requirements.

New Ping Pong Tables

New ping-pong tables can be sold at prices ranging from 200$ to 4500$ depending on the type of table, the quality, and the manufacturing brand. What sets each table apart depends on the quality, class, and manufacturing brand.

You can get entry-level models of tables for about 250$ to 750$. Mid-level tables that are just okay and are somewhere in between being the top-notch high-end tables and the entry-level tables can be gotten for about $800 to $1500. Finally, the high-end tables are sold for about $1500 to $4500.

Old Ping Pong Tables 

You might wonder, “why would I want to get an old ping-pong table?”. The answer is there are lots of benefits attached to opting for an old and used table tennis table as opposed to a new one.

If you only play table tennis for leisure and in your spare time, or perhaps, you merely need something to practice with, then it’s only reasonable that you do not break the bank for a new high-end table tennis table. An old table is a safer bet as you can get a good deal on an old table if you negotiate  properly.

We already know that the price of new ping-pong tables varies based on the manufacturer, quality, and table type. Likewise, the same goes for old tables.

Nonetheless, the price for an old table is lesser than that of the corresponding new one. Their prices are often between 65% to 80% of the latest version of the table.

Therefore, an old entry-level table should sell for about $150 to $450, while a mid-level table should sell for about $480 – $900, and finally, high-end tables should sell for about $900 to $2700. It would be best if you looked at the condition of the table to determine the price you pay.


Old and new tables also differ in terms of gameplay. This is not rocket science, as all materials tend to change quality as they are being used.

The table tennis table’s certain factors and features determine how standard and enjoyable the table tennis game is. These features include the  board thickness, paintings, legs of the table etc. New and old tables differ in terms of these things.

New Ping Pong Tables

New ping pong tables often have the thickness with which they have been manufactured intact. It is very important to note that a table is new doesn’t necessarily mean that it is thick; some tables do not have the thickness of even old tables. However, because it hasn’t been in use for a long time, the initial thickness is expected to be still very intact.

The same thing goes for the paintings on the board and the legs of the table.

Old Ping Pong Tables 

On the other hand, old ping pong tables might have started depreciating in terms of thickness, paintings, and strength of the legs. This change is, of course, a result of continuous use.

Nonetheless, there are quality products out there that stand the test of time and retain their quality. It can be expected of an old table to lack in areas such as thickness, paintings and table legs as earlier mentioned.

Final Words

“Should i get a new  or an old table?, what differences are there between an old and a new table?” If this was you before reading this article, then you should have had enough of the dilly-dallying by now.

We can say that if you are looking for something budget-friendly to play around with, then you should consider buying old tables. Also, if you would love to go for a new table for a tournament or practice for a tournament, then you already know the range of prices for different categories of tables.

Now that you understand the different ways in which old and new tables differ from each other, have fun making the choice that suits you from among all table types.