What’s different in Microsoft Windows 11?


Microsoft reveals new highlights of Windows 11, with promising advantages for the two makers, purchasers, and IT Support.

What are the new elements in Windows 11

Windows 11 has a large number of extraordinary elements. Microsoft has declared a few updates, including the capacity to download and run Android applications on your Windows PC and the cleaner, a Mac-like plan to the product, a focused Start menu, and a Taskbar where you can get to gadgets straightforwardly from. Windows 11 focuses on better performing various tasks and Microsoft Teams coordination.

Advantages of moving up to Windows 11

Windows 11 offers a scope of advantages, from empowering better execution to further developing security making IT Support a breeze. The following are a couple of the critical advantages of moving up to Windows 11.

Familiar Design. Perhaps the most thrilling new feature is Fluent Design, which conveys a more vivid and natural experience.

Simpler route. Windows 11 elements adjusted corners, inconspicuous pastel tones and focused menus. Android applications are coming to Windows 11 by means of Amazon Appstore, which will be available from inside the refreshed Microsoft Store.

Gadgets. They’ve been accessible to clients of Windows Vista and then some, however you can get to them in a more clear manner with the arrival of Microsoft Windows 11 Home. They contain data from any site, and you can stick your top picks to the Taskbar for speedy and simple access.

Xbox tech for better gaming. Windows 11 will get specific highlights found in Xbox consoles, similar to Auto HDR and Direct Storage, to further develop your games on a Windows-based PC. There is additionally virtual work area support so you can flip between various work areas depending on the situation.

Use Snap Groups and Snap Layouts to perform multiple tasks with your OS all the more easily. Decrease the danger of losing open windows or failing to remember what applications you’re utilizing just by changing the size of what is on your screen.

Masters Windows 11

Windows 11 isn’t simply Windows 10 with another assortment of backdrops. Fortunately, numerous different changes and enhancements cause a move up to the furthest down the line OS to appear to be alluring.

  1. Delightful Desktop Esthetics
  2. Taskbar can transform into a dock
  3. Return of the Widgets
  4. Effectively Accessible Snap Layouts and Groups
  5. Android Apps
  6. Cutting edge Gaming
  7. Incorporated Microsoft Teams
  8. New internet browser (Edge)
  9. Better similarity with Linux
  10. Improved Security.

Cons of Windows 11

Not all things are ruddy with Microsoft’s forthcoming adaptation of Windows. You may find many changes and changes problematic and reason to the point of staying with Windows 10.

  1. Sped up Desktop
  2. Where Could Skype be?
  3. Less Taskbar
  4. Failed to remember Timeline
  5. Bye Cortana
  6. Less Layouts, More Delays
  7. Tell Microsoft You
  8. You Might Not Be Able to Run It

Am I qualified for a move up to Windows 11?

Download the Microsoft PC Health Check to check whether your Windows 10 PC is qualified for a free move up to Windows 11. See whether your gadget is viable and, in the event that it isn’t, what difference would it make.


Windows 11 Is Inevitable. Notwithstanding its upsides and downsides, similar to it or not, Windows 11 is coming, and it will ultimately supplant Windows 10. Like with all past variants of Windows… The new working framework vows to convey and set another norm for PC execution and efficiency. This is the new beginning we as a whole required. Move up to Windows 11 to open a large group of new highlights and advantages.