What you need to know about Shawarma machines popular in Kenya


Vertical broilers are effective and reliable machines that are readily available for anyone willing to start a fast-food restaurant. However, affording them may notbe as easy as people may think. Let’s have a look at why you need this machine despite every circumstance.

Shawarma is a fast meal that previously originated in Turkey and was inventedto provide portable fast food to the busy workers in the country.

It was originally made of mutton alone but nowadays it comprises every type of meat. It has, therefore, spread all over the world and isconsidered one of the most efficient and profitable meals today.

During times of its invention, simple metallic machines supplied withheat were used in its preparation. As technology advanced, improvements were done which later resulted in what we call today shawarma machine. The latter is better and more effective compared to the former.


These machines are made of a metal spit which is vertically positioned and heat controls for regulation of temperature.The bottom is always secured with a motor plate for protection against heat.

Mode of operation

Meat is cut into small slices which are squeezed together to create a large block of meat fitted in the spit. Heat is then supplied and regulated as the meat cooks on rotational movements to ensure it is evenly cooked. The ready parts are cut off and served as the rest of the meat continues to cook.

Shawarma machine cost

Shawarma machine price in Kenya is relatively high but equally affordable by half of the total citizens.That should not worry you either. The quality of service these machines offer is beyond cost. As you invest in one, therefore, do not pay attention to the cost but rather the benefits and profits that you will expect.


They are highly efficient and cook meat in less than ten minutes. This helps in saving time spent by workers waiting for food to be ready.

It is none smoky hence helps in keeping the environment clean which aids in improved health.

If the broiler machine is equipped with control features, the quality of meat produced is highly delicious and effectively cooked.

It is always beautiful and appealing to the eye of both the user and the customer.

There is an even distribution of heat and therefore meat is evenly cooked.It’s appearance is golden and it has a crispy taste.

Machines are resistant to high temperatures, stain, oil, rust, and deformation hence there’s guaranteed durability.

The machine can be sterilized and disinfected to enhance and improve the taste.

Broiler machines are easy to use and do not require special education to operate. They can be operated by even the least literate in society.

If located in a densely populated area, it is easy to return the investment spent and yield more profit.


They are expensive making it hard for the common citizen to afford

Meat prepared using these machines contain high amounts of sodium which is highly dangerous to health.


The choice of grill machines depends on many things not only the pros and cons but also understanding in depth what they are all about and weighing your pocket before taking a step. The truth is they never disappoint.