What You Need to Know About a Wireless Recovery Device


With the rise in car theft, many vehicle owners today rely on effective recovery tracking devices for peace of mind. A recovery device fits easily into your vehicle or any other moveable asset. But how exactly does this device work and how does it help to keep your car or assets safe?

How Recovery Devices Work

Wireless recovery devices operate on telematics technology. A device is fitted into a vehicle and uses wireless tracking and GPS technology to track the vehicle. The great thing about these devices is that it is almost impossible to locate once installed. This makes it very difficult for criminals to remove the device.

It is important to know that a recovery device is different from a vehicle tracking system that monitors the location of a moving vehicle using GPS technology.

Why Do You Need a Recovery Device?

  • Recover Your Stolen Vehicle

Tracking a stolen vehicle used to be a challenge, but the technology used in recovery devices has advanced in recent years. Now, GPS-enabled devices can even help in the process of recovery of a stolen vehicle or moveable asset during an active theft situation and returned it safely back to you.

  • Recover Moveable Assets

A great benefit of a recovery device is that some providers have designed it so it can also be fitted to many other moveable assets, including trailers, motorbikes, caravans or bicycles. For example, you can fit two of the same recovery devices into your car and your motorcycle. In this way, you invest in one effective car and stolen motorcycle recovery solution.

  • Reduce Insurance Premiums

When you subscribe to an insurance-approved vehicle recovery service it can reduce your insurance premiums. This is because an accredited recovery service provider can reduce the risk for the insurer as it increases your vehicle’s security.

  • Additional Features

Despite the simplicity of a basic stolen vehicle recovery device, many providers offer a large range of extra benefits for clients. These benefits can include roadside assistance and fines assistance to help keep you safe and confident on the road.

  • Easy Operation with a Smartphone App

Some of the best vehicle recovery device providers offer a smartphone app that works with the device. The app allows you to easily check on your device’s working status, report a stolen vehicle, or request your insurance certificate.

Invest in a Device for the Recovery of a Stolen Vehicle and General Peace of Mind

Anti-theft recovery systems can help to ensure your vehicle or other moveable asset is recovered quickly. If your vehicle has one installed, it can also mean discounts for you. Be sure to shop around and find a provider that offers additional benefits, as well as a smartphone app for convenient management of your vehicle’s status.