What Type of Jewelry is Best for me


People do love to purchase jewelry, which is of their liking, or the jewelry which they dream of, normally an expensive one. It is alright to buy jewelry of your own choice and taste, but it is better to improve your choice, by thinking about the style. The most important thing here is the choice of the jewelry according to your skin tone. It is a trend today to buy three or four matching sets of jewelry completely in a match to your clothes, the most important factor here is your skin tone. Is the jewelry complementing or not with your skin tone? 

In this article, we are discussing, What type of jewelry is best for your style?

Your skin tone and choice of jewelry:

Sometimes when you purchase the jewelry of your favorite choice but when you wear it, it doesn’t provide the same style as you thought! What is the main reason for this? Have you ever thought about it? Why has this happened? To answer this question, you are not purchasing jewelry, which is best suited to your skin tone, you have to match jewelry according to your skin.

Companies now accept this fact, they are providing features on their website to perfectly match your skin tone before purchasing one of your choices, jewelry buy online can be great if you perfectly know the tone of your skin.

Decide the tone of your skin:

First, you have to recognize which skin tone you normally have? Are you having a cool skin tone, warm skin tone, or neutral skin tone? There is a difference between the three types of skin tone, the cool skin tone women are usually brighter in their color, and you can observe a little brighter white color of their skin.

The warmer skin women usually have a little darker color, you can say there is little more blood in their veins, which has given them a little warmer look.  The neutral skin tone is normally a color of the women, which is neither darker nor whiter color, it is a color tune that lies between the cooler and warmer skin tones, which is neutral.

How to choose metal jewelry according to your skin tone?

Now how to select the jewelry for your skin tone, the cool skin tone should choose a little white metal such as white gold, silver, or a piece of platinum that can be great for choice. For women having warmer skin tones, it is better to choose yellow or rose gold color. It is best for their skin tone.

 Women of warmer skin tones can also select copper and brass jewelry. If you have a little neutral skin, you can try to use white metal or yellow metal, the both the metal colors would suit your skin tone.

How to choose stone jewelry according to your skin tone?

When you are choosing stone jewelry, for cool skin it is better to choose bright blue, emeralds, or deep purple. These colors of stones are the best for cool skin tone women. The  Frosty shades of pink and the ice blue, and lavender can also suit cool skin women.

Warmer color women can wear ruby, bright rosy red or yellow, and super-pale, yellow can be great for such women. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can select the rock cool grey, bright and navy stone are great for neutral skin.


It is better to select the color of the jewelry according to your skin tone, whether it is cool, warmer, or neutral. When you select jewelry according to your skin tone, you would feel confident in wearing it, otherwise, you are just filling your jewelry box!