What Type of Airsoft Ammo Do I Need for my Action Army AAP-01?


The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin is enjoying some serious popularity right now. Styled in the likeness of a Ruger MK4, this gas blowback pistol offers a high rate of fire and is endlessly customizable.

In addition to being exceptionally customizable, it is also a blast to use. It is capable of both semi auto and full auto firing modes via an easily accessible selector switch. The mag catch, safety, and slide catch are also either ambidextrous or reversible. It’s any man’s airsoft gun and it offers pretty good numbers, performance-wise. It comes with a 22 round magazine and is compatible with TM G-Spec airsoft magazines.

Speaking of numbers, it takes 6mm BBs (like most airsoft pistols), but the FPS ratings vary according to the weight you choose. For example, some sellers set a baseline of 312 FPS; other reviews suggest its capable of muzzle velocities of around 330-350 FPS with .20 g airsoft ammo.

And sure, you can use .20 g BBs, and sure, you’ll get pretty fast FPS ratings and enjoy a crazy fast rate of fire. That being said, out of the box, the Action Army AAP-01 can hop heavy BBs. Like really heavy BBs – like, airsoft sniper rifle heavy. It can hop BBs up to .40 grams.

But does that mean you should automatically go heavier? Well, here’s the thing. Heavier BBs often fly straighter even though sometimes airsoft guns with lower FPS or Joule ratings have a hard time shooting them. Range may be affected as you increase airsoft ammo weight.

Since the Action Army AAP-01 can sling such heavy BBs, you can choose between .20, .25, .28 .32, and even .40 g airsoft ammo. Muzzle velocity and range will be at the highest with the lower BBs and accuracy will generally increase as you increase in weight.

If you want to try out .40 g 6’s, we say go for it, but we can’t promise anything with respect to range or accuracy. You might get better performance from slightly lighter BBs, like .32s or even .28s.

Really, the best advice we can give you is to try it yourself. If you’ve had bad experiences with lighter airsoft BBs yawing, dipping, or experiencing other issues associated with accuracy, then heavier might be better for you. All the same, you’ll get more speed from lighter BBs – but at these rates of fire, will you even notice?

Therefore the nod goes to slightly heavier BBs. We suggest you try out .25 g and .30 g BBs and see how they suit you. Dial it in and do some plinking in the backyard. With a pistol that can offer up this blazing fast rate of fire, you don’t need to be a tack driver. You just spray and pray.

If you can reliably hit an empty can at 30 yards or so, then you’re sitting on pretty good accuracy.

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