What to remember when choosing Rugs online?


Rugs add a decorative touch to your home decor.  A rug can anchor the room define it, add warmth and help layer a room decor. Rugs also protect the hardwood floors from wear and tear, and if you have small children in your home they can help for the safety purpose. Whether it’s the inspiration for the space or a finishing touch a rug brings incomparable layers of interest and intrigue. But finding a perfect rug can always be a challenging task. Between the size, material, colors several factors are needed to be taken into consideration. Below we have mentioned points for you to look for before buying your rugs online.

The first and foremost is to identify the room where you want to lay the rug and the purpose it is meant to serve. The next thing you need to take into consideration is the rug’s size, shape, style, material, pile care, and cleaning.

1) Size And Shape

When it comes to selecting the rug for the room, finding the rug that suits your bedroom is quite tricky. If you are buying rugs online you have no idea about the size of the rug, so you just waste your money on buying such an expensive rug. Before you buy rugs online make to always measure the length of your room and according to that you can order it.

  • Living room– If your sofa is against the wall, make sure that at least its front legs and the front legs of the armchairs are on the rug. In a large living room with a floating sitting area, the rug should have all the furniture, front and back legs with space around it. Living room rugs can enhance the overall look.
  • Dining room- Whether you have a round or circular table the rug extends at least 24 inches, on all the sides so even if you push a chair can still fir it on the rug.
  • Bedroom- If you are having a spacious room opt for a large rug that can fit under your bed and both on your side tables. For smaller rooms, the rug should be approximately 1/3 of the bed’s size.
  • Kitchen rugs- Stick with a narrow runner or with a small rug.

How to measure a room for a rug

Take the general measurement of the room and reduce the dimension by 1-2 feet to arrive at an appropriate rug for the space.

2)Materials And Style

When it comes to choosing a rug material and the style you want for your room. It can be a very challenging task as rugs come in many different materials and styles.

Natural fibers: Wool,cotton,jute,sisal

Natural fibers are long-lasting and wool rugs are especially good in hiding the soils.

Synthetic fibers: Acrylic, polyester, polypropene

Synthetic fibers are easier to clean and it is usually stain resistant

Identifying the right material for your spaces depends on the lifestyle and the room you want to place your rug in.


The rug with a higher pile density considers being a fine piece. Rugs piles are generally divided into two categories

  • Low pile rugs- These rugs have shorter fibers and loops, making them best with high traffic areas where is a lot of footwear and tear such as the living room, kitchen.
  • High pile rugs– Theserugs have taller loose fibers making them more plush and ideal for the bedroom or living room.

The pile of the rug always matters for an aesthetic performance. A rug will always provide sound buffering, the thicker the rug the better the insulation. Added pile also increases the life and performance of the rug overall.

4) Care And Cleaning

Before buying a rug the first thing that comes into your mind is the cleaning method. It is very common that if you have high-quality pile rugs you require a lot of cleaning and for that, you can also hire a professional. Below we have mentioned different ways how you can clean your rugs made out of different materials.

  • Synthetic rug– Spot clean, steam clean, or vacuum it. They may appear dirty since they absorb lots of dirt.
  • Wool rug- Keeps spills from penetrating fibers
  • Cotton and silk rug- Enlist the help from professionals toprevent stains making it worse

5) Getting A Rug Pad

Once you have purchased your rug make sure to have a rug pad to stand for a longer period. The rug pad not only protects you from slipping but also prevents dents by cushioning heavy furniture and damage to the floor. For high traffic areas, such as bathroom or kitchen opt a rug that has a solid grip while in the bedroom or living room, a cushioned rug pad will contribute an extra layer of plush comfort.


Rugs have many different purposes. If you add a rug into your interior designs it can add comfort and warmth. It has many different purposes as well. You can put a fluffy rug into your living room because it is extra soft and cozy whereas adding a playroom rug into your child’s bedroom can protect them from injuries.