What To Do With Company Laptop After Resignation?


All over in the world, we all are really well aware of the fact that companies are responsible to provide all the material for work. When we join an office, along with other basic accommodations we also get a laptop for our office work which is basically only given to us for work purposes.

Besides having personal laptop at home, it is highly impossible to take two different laptops with you at the same time. Thus, people avoid such redundant and prefer to use the work laptop for both purposes, work and personal use. Things go well until it’s your time to leave that job or the company for further better opportunities.

As, you are going to leave the company, therefore, you are in charge of return all of the accommodations and things the company provided you at the time of joining. Here, the most concerned issue is clearing the laptop because you had been using the laptop for personal use too so there could be a lot of data that is personal.

In this writing, we would suggest you with the most useful and utilized way of cleaning your laptop before returning it to the company. You may also find many genuine ways to clear the laptop. It’s better to use the laptop directly for both reasons. We suggest you to have a look on how to convert work laptop to your personal one.  So, you don’t have to waste your time in cleaning process next time.

Return your work laptop after complete cleaning of data:

Clean your laptop entirely before you proceed with returning the laptop to the authorized person of that company but first, you are required to check your personal files. You may want to keep some important files instead of deleting them. Once checked, copy those files to a flash drive or hard drive that is portable.

After that, start deleting rest of the files that you don’t want to keep. Now, the issue arises here regarding the time it takes to get clean completely, One key for you here is; try following the sequence mentioned herewith with the purpose to delete all the files easily without any lag or longer time. First of all, you need to start clearing by deleting all the personal images you have in your laptop, then remove all the files you kept on your desktop.

Once, you are done with that, set your desktop image to default background. When you finish doing it, your desktop is entirely cleared here. Secondly, its browser’s turn to get clean. What you are supposed to do here, simply open your browser that you used to operate as a mean to surf on the internet during your employment. There, Click on the “Tools” in your browser’s menu, select “option”. Now, search for the text box for the Home Page. Once you find it, click on “Restore to Default” button, then press “ok”.  Reach the “Tools” in your browser once again and look for the option “Clear Private History”. Select that option, check and tick all the boxes appear and click “Clear Now”.

This is surly going to remove all your data and browsing history, data, information, passwords, links, cache and cookies. Completing this process, you will find relief as you would have cleared most of your data until now.

finally, it’s now time to delete all the files stored inside out in your laptop. Directly go to the place where you are confirmed that you would find your files that are Downloads, Documents, Music, Picture, Video and other specific folders as well as applications and software you installed for your personal use.

Individually, browse and select “All Programs”. This will instantly take you to the applications you installed yourself. Select “Uninstall’ as so to achieve the goal of deleting all of your data thoroughly and don’t forget to clear your Recycle Bin to delete the deleted data forever.

Following the stated Step-by-step process, you will perfectly end up erasing all of your personal data from your work laptop which will never be recovered by anyone later. At the end, No more worries. Feel free to return your work laptop back to the employer as all your personal data is wiped out fully and forever. We really wish that this writing has assisted you get the perfect idea and thorough guide what you are looking for.