What To Do When Your Marijuana Grow Room Gets Too Hot Or Humid?


Marijuana creates the room temperature really hot, which creates for people living in such conditions. What to do when your marijuana room gets humid? The particular where marijuana is grown is naturally hot and humid because the marijuana plants originate moisture in the garden space. 

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Controlling the marijuana grow room’s heat is quite difficult for many growers, producing plants that also produce a lot of heat in their growing process. Cannabis starts suffering when the temperature goes over 80-85″ F. A small amount of heat can cause a lot of problems if you can have severe plants in the room. Heat can reduce the life of the cannabis plants and also kill them. 

The ideal temperature to grow marijuana plants at home is 72 – 76″ F AND 5 – 10″ F at night.

Essential points to consider:-

  • Container: Try to get a generator to heat the water, the garden, and the house, which you generally do with your garden’s light. If you think of growing plants in a greenhouse, always try to use a black container full of water. The water of the black container captures the sun heat during the day and releases the heat during cold nights. 
  • Thermostats:  Use thermostats to control cannabis temperature; it measures the temperature and regulates it by turning on or off the heating or cooling devices within the certified range. Thermostats keep the temperature the same day and night too. You can also change the setting according to the different temperatures in a day. 
  • Lights: Types of light impact the plants most in the garden and how much that particular generates heat. Different types of lights give different heat levels in the room, in which hot lights like metal halides(MH), high-intensity discharges(HID), and compact fluorescent lamps(CFL) produce more heat in small spaces. Lights can change the temperature by making it low and high.
  • Airflow: Control over airflow is the best way to control the heat in a room, and it can convert the hot air into cold air. Airflow helps in growing the plants by removing the warm air that is produced from lights. In which you can use fans and ducts to regulate airflows in a room.
  • Air conditioner: Use the air conditioner to convert hot air into cold air for the plants in the room. To get the immediate and rapid change in the temperature, you can make use of an air conditioner to cool the really hot temperature. Air conditioning is mainly used by the grower when lights and airflows don’t support the heat in the room. 


Many people love to grow marijuana plants at home to get the quality plants you can visit. I love growing marijuana is an online site in which you can get every product related to growing. A growing marijuana plant at home creates the room temperature really hot, which creates problems by considering these points to overcome it.