What to Consider Before You Visit a Prisoner

What to Consider Before You Visit a Prisoner

There are approximately 2 million people incarcerated in the United States today, including about half who are kept in state prisons. One of the rights that most inmates have while in prison is to receive visitors. Given how isolating and lonely prison can be, these visits often serve as great solace to the inmate and their family.

If you are preparing to visit a prisoner, then this blog post is for you. Here, we will highlight what you should consider before making your visit, so that there are no issues or surprises that spoil your time with your friend or family member. Let’s get started.

Know The Dress Code

It is essential that you fully understand the dress code of the particular prison before making your visit. You will be expected to dress in modest and conservative clothing while in the visiting room. Avoid wearing any see-through, ripped, or tight-fitting clothing as this runs the risk of not being allowed entry to the prison.

Every prison will have its own rules, so take the time to study these first. This will help to avoid any disruption to your visit.

Check that You Have Been Approved

It is generally required to have prior approval before visiting an inmate in a prison. Each prison will have its own rules and application process for this. Make sure that you are on the inmate visit list in advance of your visit.

Always double-check the visiting schedule for the particular prison. A quick phone call to the prison to confirm your visit in advance is recommended.

Be Prepared for a Search

Security measures are part and parcel of a prison, so be prepared to pass through security when arriving at the prison. Find out in advance what you are and are not allowed to bring.

You will most likely be made to pass through a metal detector and face a pat-down from a prison guard. Never attempt to bring illegal items into a prison as you face arrest and felony charges.

Find Out the Rules on Touching

Similarly, every prison will have its own rules on touching and affection during visits. It is recommended that you understand what is and isn’t allowed with regards to hugging and sitting distance.

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What to Consider Before You Visit a Prisoner

The above information will help to make your prisoner visit as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Visiting an inmate takes some preparation to avoid any disappointments or delays. When you are well-prepared for your visit, you and the prisoner will be able to make the most of the time that you have together.

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