What Should Your Technician Cover In An Air Conditioner Maintenance Visit?

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having an air conditioning system in the house is necessary; therefore, the top HVAC corporations give maintenance service choices to stay in the best operating condition. Maintenance service can make sure that your unit isn’t laid low with any repair problems and can keep your unit operating with the most potency.

When owners have their service conducted on their unit, they will rest assured that the money is well spent. The life of the HVAC unit extends because there is an enhancement in the performance of the HVAC unit. Several corporations can give maintenance programs and plans to check your HVAC unit and get it repaired once a year or doubly a year or additional custom plans.

There are bound maintenance choices that homeowners will do themselves, like ever-changing out air filters, checking for the flow of air and landscaping. However, there are additional steps that you require to complete, but for that, you need air conditioning repair technicians in Aliso Viejo. Of course, the standard maintenance service of air conditioners depends on the technicians that perform the service. However, there are some things that the majority of authorized  HVAC corporations in Orange County ought to perform.

Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up Steps:

Below is an easy step by step guide for homeowners about the process that your technician should cover while maintaining your air conditioning unit:

Air Conditioning Inspection:

The first step of maintenance service is an inspection of your air conditioning unit. The technician should examine each facet of your unit to confirm that every element is functioning properly. If any issues occur, the technician can catch them early and repair it on time. The condenser, evaporator, and voltage are simply a couple of parts of the unit that needs to be inspected to know the operation capabilities.


The cleansing is the next step of the upkeep method. Several house owners underestimate the ability of a clean air conditioning unit. However, the AC unit needs cleaning of a good deal of dust and dirt, particularly once you contemplate the outer unit. These parts require regular cleaning for smooth operation. Once any internal parts become excessively dirty, they will get clogged and cause a breakdown of the AC unit. Call a skilled Air Conditioning repair technician in Aliso Viejo to clean your unit regularly and confirm accurate performance.


For confirming the proper functioning of a thermostat, the technician ought to check that the placement of the thermostat is proper. Also, you need to keep it aloof from all heat sources, as well as light-weight bulbs and heat-producing appliances.


Technicians inspect electrical connections to ensure they’re operating safely. Checking and modification of electrical connections catch potential electrical hazards and helps to enhance the period of your heating and cooling system.


This ensures that you aren’t inflicting any inessential injury to moving elements with friction. Lack of lubrication interrupts the internal system, resulting in frequent repairs and replacement. 


For proper draining of liquid condensate in your AC, you need to keep the AC condensate line clean. Clogging in the drain line will cause water leaks, moisture, and other issues related to wetness. Also, you can eliminate mold and bacteria to grow around your drain line. Your technician will check whether there is a crack in condensate drain pain or not and repair or replace any leaking condensate drain lines.

Examine System Controls:

With this, you can ensure proper and safe functioning of your HVAC system. Hence, it’s necessary to examine if your system starts, operates, and shut off properly.

Cleaning Of Air Filter:

Clean air filters will allow the AC unit to work smoothly, saving energy and increasing longevity. You can change or clean the air filter yourself, but the professionals can help to get the right size and good quality air filters for your AC unit. 


Ensure that there are no leaks in the refrigerant using a leak detector  and check whether the amount of refrigerant is correct or not. Also, capture the refrigerant that has spread in the AC unit due to leakage. 


Air Conditioning Repair technician in Aliso Viejo can perform a 60-90 minute maintenance and cleaning of AC unit, which include the subsequent operations:

  • Measure voltage and amperage of blower motor to ensure precise operation.
  • Check for correct operation of Thermostat
  • Examine and lubricate the air cleaner bearing
  • Check out the indoor coil
  • Flush and fix condensate drain with anti-algae.
  • Examine Condenser Coil
  • Monitor operational pressures of the refrigerant
  • Examine for correct operation of safety devices
  • Check connection of electrical wiring 
  • Examine the electrical disconnect box
  • Check for burned and pitted contacts in the contactors
  • Inspect for exposed wiring, capacitors, and blade.
  • Clean condenser coil, ducts, and mitigate dust and debris.
  • Examine service valves .
  • Measure the difference between supply or return temperature.
  • Monitor, measure amperage and volt of compressor

Professional maintenance helps to keep your air-conditioning system healthy, efficient, and lasting. An experienced and well-trained will inspect, find issues, and repair it on the spot. If required, they may replace a few parts. So, for effective regular maintenance, always hire a professional air conditioning repair service in Orange County.