What Should You NOT Do Before a Hot Yoga Session?

What Should You NOT Do Before a Hot Yoga Session

Hot yoga is the best way to sweat your body and stay fit. Bending and twisting your body in a hot room will surely burn the calories off your body, and you can feel much better after the session. You don’t need to see your doctor weekly, as a hot yoga session is enough to keep you green and healthy. However, many people wear or eat unwanted stuff that brings no good result, even after sweating. This post will reveal what you should NOT do before a hot yoga session to ensure a joyful class. Keep reading to learn more!

Things to avoid before a hot yoga class:

Hot yoga can be a testing task for your body, and you must stay fit and ready before undertaking the session. No one knows what will come in the next session, so staying physically and mentally fit is the success recipe. Before undertaking a yoga class, you must consider a few things. You better avoid these things to stay fit and healthy!

1. Do not wear perfumes:

“Scents will become more prominent as soon as you start to sweat,” – says Bolen, a yoga instructor at Surviving Yoga. Spritzing on your perfume is not a good idea as you may not accommodate other yoga participants in the room. What if these participants have sensitivities to perfumes? It would be best to avoid perfumes or scented lotions before the hot yoga session.

Moreover, scented lotions, shampoos, and even perfumes can make you feel dizzy when you start sweating. You would never want it in a hot yoga class, so avoiding it is recommended.

2. Do not eat heavy food:

Eating heavy food before the yoga session will slow down during the workout. Although you certainly didn’t want to have a four-course meal before working out, think twice before reaching for another dinner roll. The more you take care of your diet, the healthier you will stay. Simple math!

Twists in yoga can be difficult if you have eaten too much throughout the day, but they help with digestion. Coffee should also be avoided. It will cause you to become dehydrated, which is the last thing you need before entering a hot environment. Do you want to start hot yoga under expert eyes? You better join the hot yoga Dubai club and work on your health!

3. Do not moisturize your body:

You will probably get wet during a hot yoga class, and your yoga mat will be slippery. What if your body is loaded with moisturizing lotions? It will make a few poses and twists impossible, and you better avoid them. As soon as you start sweating, your body will become slippery, making it difficult to work out in a hot room.

Greasy skin will inhibit various poses and twists, and moist lotions can have a role in it. The last thing you want is to make the yoga session harder for you. Therefore, you should keep it in mind before applying moisturizing lotions to your body in the morning.

4. Don’t try strenuous workouts before yoga:

Willing to squeeze in as many workouts as you can? When starting a hot yoga practice, resist the impulse to do that. Do not engage in any other rigorous exercise on the day you are practicing it. The ideal strategy is to incorporate yoga gradually into your weekly schedule.

Bolen advises, “always add new classes gradually to your schedule as it will take your body some time to acclimate and recover.” One day, you will be able to combine your favorite workouts with hot yoga, and the two will work well together.

5. Do not wear restrictive clothes:

A baggy or restrictive outfit is not a good option for a hot yoga class. Since the session will make your body sweaty, the baggy or restrictive clothes will turn soggy and feel uncomfortable. Moreover, it restricts your movements and poses during a yoga class, which is the last thing you want. “Avoid constricting and baggy clothes that will restrict your ability to move,” – says Bolen.

Fitted sportswear with form-fitting shorts can be the ideal dress for a hot yoga session. Less is more in these classes, and you must not load your body with heavy stuff.

Stretch your body with hot yoga sessions!

Hot yoga classes can keep you fit and stretchable – no matter your age. Exercise can burn calories and helps you stay in good physical and mental shape; yoga can be the best exercise. Consider joining yoga clubs to work with experts and stretch your body to stay in good shape. Never miss a regular class!