What Should You Do Before Beginning Loft Conversions in Enfield?

loft conversions service in Enfield

The loft conversion provides extra needed footage to your home while also significantly increasing its value. In fact, studies show that improvements like a loft conversion may increase the value of a home by up to 20% above market value. Furthermore, converting your home’s loft into usable space may save you money and the trouble of transferring to a larger house. You may have the room anytime you want without having to relocate in as little as five weeks for a complete conversion.

Furthermore, according to homeowners who have done so, loft conversions service in Enfield are a worthwhile investment and a sensible home renovation decision. It’s no wonder that loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular.

However, if you are considering a loft conversion, there are a few essential factors to consider. The following eight essential aspects will help you understand what a loft conversion includes. As a result, consider how it will influence your house and whether it is the best way to increase your living space.

Below are the tips for doing before starting the loft conversion:

There are several advantages to choosing professional and experienced contractors for a loft conversion. This article lists some of the most essential tips. Let’s take a closer look at this article.

Structure’s integrity:

Few people understand that a loft conversion is about more than just increasing the size of your house. Despite the fact that adding a loft addition would only add a small amount of weight to your property. It is also essential to check that your home’s structure can withstand the increased weight. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, the most common procedure entails exposing the foundations to evaluate their depth and strength. The additional weight will be carried by the foundation of your structure, as well as the beams, pillars, and lintels.


In order to make your new loft livable, you’ll need to insulate it. Heat insulation is one of the most critical aspects of loft conversion. However, due to changes in energy efficiency regulations, this is no longer as straightforward as it previously was.

In addition, insulation will almost always be required between the rafters and the roof covering. This, however, has the added benefit of making your new loft airtight. Installing under-floor heating to offer extra warmth in the winter may also be a good option.

Head height:

Before you begin a loft conversion, be sure your loft is tall enough to support the alteration. Some attics aren’t tall enough, which might cause a host of issues in the future. A standard loft must be at least 180 centimetres above ground level, according to building rules. However, for a pleasant place after conversion, your attic should be at least 230 cm high from the floor to the roof.

Furthermore, following your loft conversion, a competent loft conversion contractor will be able to assess and notify you of the amount of height you will have. You’ll know exactly how much room you’ll have at the end of the job and won’t be disappointed.

Construction Regulations:

You do not need to submit for building regulations authorization because a loft conversion is considered a modest home remodelling job. It wouldn’t hurt to try, though. So, getting your project authorized before hiring a loft conversion specialist is a brilliant idea; nevertheless, you may be allowed to proceed with the process without doing so.

Fire Prevention:

When modifying the construction of your home, there are safety considerations to consider, particularly when it comes to fire safety. At the same time, loft conversions in bungalows have minimal effect on fire safety if the windows are large enough to serve as an emergency exit. As a result, the same cannot be said about two-story constructions.

Furthermore, the new floor will require new plaster on the ceilings below to provide further fire protection. To keep the conversion loft isolated from the rest of the home, professionals will install a fire door at the new stairs. Aside from them, the new room will necessitate an expansive window that will serve as an emergency escape.

Natural Light & Windows:

The loft conversion concept is that you don’t have to make significant alterations to allow for natural light. Skylights are an excellent alternative for your loft space since they provide all of the required natural light. Skylights are also a great way to save money on energy bills since they keep your house warm in the winter.

In addition, to avoid your room from getting stuffy in the summer, you can install skylights that can be opened. Dormer windows are the most acceptable option for loft windows when it comes to window installation. You may need to obtain permission from the building authority if you wish to install dormer windows on the front of your property. So, look up “Loft conversions in Watford” on the internet and hire them now!