What should a girl wear to a rave?


Raving involves a lot of fun; dancing, walking, wondering and mingling for hours. You will need to have very comfortable rave outfits to guarantee you of unlimited fun as you express yourself in the best way possible. What you wear from your head to your toes has a high possibility to convey your personality and this may directly affect the kind of people you will attract. You don’t need to stress yourself out about having the ideal rave outfit, remember no matter what you wear, people will accept you and they will be friendly as well. The important factor that may impact your rave clothing choice is only the weather. A rave party is one of the few places you can truthfully express yourself amidst music, dances and all fashion trends. Here is a guide of the rave clothing you may need;1. T-shirt and ShortYou will hardly go wrong with a comfortable pair of jeans short with a colorful T-shirt. You can print some vibes on your t-shirt. Some of the common prints include;● Keep Calm and Rave On● Eat Sleep Rave Repeat● Raver or● I Love RavingHigh waisted booty shorts will come in handy to compliment your look. Remember whatever you choose to wear, what matters is your comfort, the more comfortable you are in the rave clothing you choose the more remarkable your experience will be.2. AccessoriesKandi is one of the ideal accessories for you to bond with other ravers, express yourself and extent the rave culture spirit that upholds peace, love, unity and respect. You can make Kandi for your friends as well and this will create incredible memories of the party. Other accessories you may consider using include neon fishnet gloves, multicolor bracelet, rave glasses, body stickers, colorful leg wraps and head wraps among others. You can add chunky glitters on your makeup routine for the rave final look to keep you glowing and lighting up your space.3. Comfortable ShoesApart from the weather, the shoes you put on determine how incredible your experience will be at the rave party. You can be creative around the color of your shoes. Sneakers and platform boots are common and they never disappoint especially if this is your first rave party. You want to settle for a pair of shoes that will be comfortable enough while you are on the dance floor and while you walk around. It gets more interesting if you get sneakers that are lit up with LED light and this will stand out as you enjoy the moves and cheers.4. Backpack or Fanny packIf you don’t feel safe with your belongings in your pockets you may consider having a fancy backpack or a fanny pack. Having either of these will qualify you to hit the dance floor hands free. These packs come in different colors and designs, remember to pick the most comfortable and fancy one to complement your outfit. You can carry any necessary items you require in the pack. Some necessities every girl may need include; a hydration pack, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue, a charger or a lip balm.5. Bandana or Face MaskA bandana or face mask may be relative to the location of the rave party. In most cases there may be dust and debris flying around due to vigorous dances and a lot of movement. You can use these protective items if you allergic to strong and mixed scents, dust or smoke. It doesn’t have to be a boring mask or plain bandana; you can custom make one for yourself by adding some face jewels on the mask. Either way you can get a neon or multicolored bandana.6. A fanIf you intend to spend the better part of your time on the dance floor you will need a fan. You can carry either a manual fan or a battery powered fan. A battery powered fan will enable you to cool yourself easily during the short breaks unlike the manual one that may leave you more exhausted. The fan waves will ensure dust particles are pushed away from your face.