What Medical Equipment Supplies Does My Facility Need?

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Setting up a new healthcare facility or looking to improve the management of an existing clinic? One of your top considerations will no doubt be the purchasing, storage, and use of medical equipment supplies. How you manage these supplies is dependent on a number of factors that are unique to your facility.

Experience will certainly help inform the decision making process but for those who are new to healthcare management or feel like they could use a little extra help, continue reading to discover the stakeholders and resources you should be consulting to discern what supplies your facility needs.

Professional colleagues
It goes without saying that your professional colleagues — doctors, nurses, and other specialist workers — are in an excellent position to advise what supplies your facility requires. Not only will they be able to offer advice on the type of supplies but they may also have preferences in terms of brand or manufacturer.

One of the biggest problems that healthcare managers face is stock management. If you feel like your facility is constantly over or under ordering, it can be a good idea to speak with those using the consumables to better understand why and how often they use certain products.

Inventory systems
Inventory systems are a valuable tool. The information recorded by these systems can help you better manage the quantity of medical equipment supplies you are ordering. You will be able to identify certain trends in the use of equipment and can use past data to proactively predict the types of tools and products that you are likely to need on hand in the near future.

Industry resources
The Therapeutic Goods Administration provides a wealth of advice on the types of medical equipment and supplies that can be legally used in Australian healthcare facilities. While this advice is primarily centred around safety, the Administration’s website has links to other web resources for health professionals that may help answer your queries.

An experienced supplier
Are you still feeling lost and unsure? If none of the above-mentioned avenues have helped you narrow down the types of supplies your facility needs, your next step should be to contact an experienced supplier.

A company that specialises in medical equipment in Australia will be able to offer you tailored advice about the quantity and type of medical equipment supplies you require. They will know what questions to ask and can recommend products that meet TGA regulations. A professional supplier can also arrange for ongoing equipment maintenance and offer a warranty for additional peace of mind.

Working with a supplier local to your area is very important as they are more likely to fully understand the challenges that your industry is facing. Wherever possible, ensure that your supplier offers a comprehensive product portfolio that meets all your needs. From a logistics perspective, it’s far easier to work with one provider rather than multiple companies.

The answer to the question ‘what medical equipment supplies does my facility need’ is likely to be constantly evolving, in line with evolving patient needs. Healthcare managers that can work flexibly and respond quickly to changing conditions, therefore, play an essential role in contributing to patient care.