What makes our life more meaningful


Today, Chester Bennington’s property is worth 30 million dollars. If money is meant to have that place that possesses everything, then he ever could decide between committing suicide, not at all. He has 8 million followers on his Twitter account. If your fame only possesses great satisfaction, then why he chose suicide as the final decision of his life?

Linking Park is known as the most famous brand globally; its leading vocalist was Chester himself. In the year 2000, the linking park released its first-ever album, hybrid theory. This album was published copies sold out more than 20 million with this possession. This album got RLD Diamond certification.

This was the biggest dream for any musician in his life. If career were everything the ever he thought of giving up his life, absolutely not. Five things have a momentous place in our life that is possible:

  • Career
  • Relationship
  • Money
  • Fame
  • Health

Among all these attributes, one is evolved to become the essential attribute or the main aim of our life. Or we can say it is evolved as the main problem of our life. Perhaps, the suicide of Chester is forcing us to think about what is the most important thing to lead a successful life that should be placed in the top priority.

What is the domino effect?

Before understanding the most important thing, we need to acknowledge the Domino Effect. This effect teaches us how we can knock out even the most strong and stern material without giving collective injury.

In our life, our behaviour works similar to the domino effect and follow the chain reaction in both good and bad ways. A person, when entering the world of intoxication, leads to an end with using drugs.

On the other hand, a person with the help of 10 pushups leads to the end with six lack abs, similar to the Domino Effect. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right domino that needs to be placed first. As once when the chain reaction starts with the wrong domino, it becomes hard to pull it back in the reverse direction.

We need to find a central point. With that help, we tend to have the face of fewer aggressions instead of hefty and harsh results. It means we need to find one solution to all problems.

Now the question is, what should be that one central point?  Is it a career, relationship, money, fame or health? A person takes the decisions for suicide when he believes to have stuck in the problem from which he cannot get access to get free.

He looks at the situation with no solution however, in this universe, no problem cannot be resolved. The problem may be bigger, but the universe is much bigger and can engulf any problem.

Similarly, a person possesses the ability to resolve his matter, but when he loses faith in him, this encourages him to kill himself. The two main reasons in the life of Chester can be believed as:

  • Childhood amusement

His senior male sexually abused Chester from the age of 7 to the age of 13. In addition to this, because of his skinny and different looks, he had to face many cases of abuse.

  • He could not accept the suicide of his close friend.

When he committed suicide, the same day belonged to the birthday of his close friend.

Chester was also suffering from drug addiction. He started drinking after his parents got divorced. At the age of 17, he started living with his mother. He recovered himself from addiction to drugs. But later, he again developed this addiction.

The two main factors for his committing suicide were, Relationship and Mental health and these two things are found with peace of mind. This is the first domino that must be in the top priority. Suppose you are successful in your career and are earning a good salary, but the company’s work environment is worst. The whole ecosystem is filled with corruption and betrayal that directly affects your peace of mind.

What at last?

Sometimes, you think of leaving everything and go to a remote place. Do these conditions allow you to have a peaceful life? The stress you gain from an officer will affect your relationship and finally deteriorate your health conditions.

And on the other hand, you have a happy family where everyone loves each other and handle each other with intensive care. The income source of your family is only you, but you do not have a permanent job and do not have enough money to fulfil the needs of your family.

In such a case, you can go with quick loans for unemployment, offered by direct lenders.

Then when will you be able to live a happy life, never? Therefore, everything is essential in its place, but there is a central point: peace of mind. If you have this, you can consider everything at your finger and resolve it to validate the related facts.

If that central point gets disabled, then the rest of the things will also get spoilt.