What is the procedure of body Massage?

full Body massage greenwich
full Body massage greenwich

There is no other experience that compares to a full body massage after a long day. The massage sequence perfectly eases the tired muscles of the body. There can be any type or form of full body massage. But the sequence of massage in any type or form remains the same. This sequence is a key to fully revitalize the body and energy. The sequence with which massage therapists apply pressure is given below:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Feet

The duration of the Full Body Massage Greenwich is around 50-90 minutes. Except for the sensitive areas, it covers the entire body. If this treatment is given with the right technique, it will be able to give the following benefits:

  • After a struggling day, the only thing which someone needs is relaxation. So, this massage causes overall body relaxation.
  • Daily stress generally results in muscle pain or stiffness. The application of gentle pressure makes them relax due to which they get proper blood flow and oxygen.
  • The massage technique improves the working of the lymphatic system. Due to which lymph fluid excrete out toxic materials out of the body.
  • The production of happy hormones due to massage is the major reason behind making mood better after massage.
  • We can say that massage is an enemy of stress. It not only relieves stress but also eliminates its symptoms.
  • Sometimes knots occur in our muscles due to which they cause a lot of pain. Massage opens this knot by making them relax.
  • If you are enjoying full body massage with your partner, it will result in a strong bonding.

Necessary Consideration Before Starting a massage:

Before giving a massage, a therapist should ask about the underlying health conditions. This will help in deciding which massage will work best for them.

Sequence Of the Full Body Massage Greenwich:

The full body massage usually follows this sequence with the occasional use of oil and stone.

1.    Head And Neck Massage:

The maximization of the relaxing effects of massage depends on its start from the upper body to the toes. The therapist gently applies pressure on the scalp in a circular motion. He continues this motion to the back of the head and at the nape of the neck. Use circular motion at the base of the skull up to where the hairline exist. Then move fingers downwards. He repeats this movement a few times and then move forward.

2.    Shoulders And Back Massage:

Following the neck, the therapist move towards the shoulder. Squeeze gently the base of the shoulder and then move outward towards the shoulder blades. Place hands on both sides by rolling hands backwards and forward. This movement repeats few times by increasing the pressure applied. Then start heading towards in an inward motion with the help of thumbs. Return to the beginning and repeats at least twice more.

After the spine starts stimulating the upper body muscles. He will ask you to turn your neck and again massage your neck. Also, repeat the process on the other side once completed the first side. Then he moves towards the back with feathery strokes to warm it up. After that, he put his hand on the backside near the neck and push towards the heart. Initially, the therapist uses gentle massage and after some time they increase pressure.

Knead the same area with gentle pressure. He starts this with a gentle stroke and then uses firm pressure. After placing his thumb at the centre of the lower back and spread fingers. Move his hands down and then move up towards the middle by putting pressure through the thumb. Lightly spread his fingers to the sides and repeat the upward motion.

3.    Hands And Arms Massage:

The next part of the massage is applying pressure on hands and arms. This part starts with applying pressure on the palm of hands with thumbs. By keeping pressure move towards the outside part of the hand. After a short interval, he starts moving towards the arm. It includes long smooth strokes from the wrist to the arm. Then glide the upward area with the use of a palm and fingers. This process repeats for few times and then they repeat the same for the other hand.

4.    Feet And Legs Massage:

The north part of the massage has been completed. Now massage therapist will move towards the south part. He starts by putting pressure on the arches and balls of the foot. To apply rhythmic gentle strokes on the foot they use the thumb. The use of rhythmic stimulation is from toes to ankle. He will repeat this movement for few times. After that, use the same gliding strokes at the sole. Then, gently rotate the ankle back and forth. After that slowly turn each ankle in each direction 2 times.

He gently pulls toes by putting fingers on the other side of the toe. Slide fingers between each toe gently using back and forth motion. Then repeat the same sequence on the other foot. After being done with their feet, he moves towards the legs and calves of the client. Firmly massage ankle to knee and then knee to thigh. Use application of pressure in the upward direction. Knead the calf up and down with the help of fingers. In the end, he gives massage inward and upward to the thighs.

5.    Final Touch of The Massage:

Well while concluding Full Body Massage Greenwich he makes some light stimulations from the top of the shoulder to the sole. The therapist makes sure that the applied pressure decrease with time. he continues this until the client doesn’t feel anything. After this leave the client alone for few moments. At this time client feel the sensation of massage. This is the sequence that a typical full-body massage should follow. But this sequence can vary a little bit depending on the need of a client. Sometimes clients feel pain or pressure in a specific area, therapist channelize massage in that way. Due to this massage, there is an opportunity to dive deep into the benefits of massage. Because it targets your whole body.