What is the most unique type of Indian cuisine which you should give a try?

Offbeat Indian Cuisine

Indians and their love for food is something else. The diverse taste from all the different states is perfect to satiate your taste buds. No matter what type of dishes you talk about, there is something different about each one of them when you order them from your favourite Indian Restaurant Terrigal. If you think you have explored a lot about Indian cuisine then it is not true as there is a lot more in store. Even if you are a food enthusiast there are high chances that you would have missed out on something. Let us talk you through the offbeat meals which you should keep on your bucket list to try out when you visit the Indian Restaurant in Sydney.

  • Adivasi Cuisine

The culinary India tribal culture is something that helps you to get the taste of the minimalistic, self-sufficient, and healthy one. Moreover, this culture is rich in nutrition and simplicity. One of the tribes named Dhruva, Chattisgarh likes to have the red ants chutney, Tribals of Assam like to have the stir-fried silkworms. The tribal belt of Jharkhand has contributed a lot of delicious options of Dhuska to the Indian cuisine.

  • Konkani cuisine

The Konkan regions of Goa and Maharashtra will give your taste buds the joy of having spicy, hot, and sour meals like Triphal, Kokum, and Tepla ambat. The combination of Kolmbo sambar with Kadamb (similar to idli). Many people even from the outside region prefer to have this.

  • Malendau Cuisine

The Malnad region of Karnataka has its cuisine which is known as Malenadu and it contains meaty curries, tangy pickles, and several steamed food options. Many of their dishes are must-try options and it includes the benne Kadabu and Pulimunchi.

  • Odia Cuisine

Its major ingredients are spice and rice and this cuisine is one of the most underrated categories. Some of the dishes which are a must-try in this category are Basi Pakhala which is made in water-soaked rice and then fermented overnight, Khattas (Tangy curries), Badi Chuda (fried Vadi), and Dahi Baingan.

  • Telangana cuisine

One of the most-loved food options is Jonna roti which is made from millet and is eaten with Kooda (a type of spicy curry), Pappy Charu (rasam), and there is a lot more in store. If you want to try out something meat-based then you should have Mamsam Pulusu which is mutton and cooked slowly along with tamarind leaves.

  • Mappila cuisine

It has been given the name after Keralas’s Mappila community which has taken the kitchen inspiration from British, Dutch, Arab cooking, and Portuguese cooking methods. In addition, the Mughali dum style of cooking meat is something which you cannot miss.

Apart from that, you should try out the Arikadukka and Kozhi Thalayana.

 Well! That’s not all as there is a lot more in store. If you are going to try out Indian food for the first time, then make sure that you choose the best Indian restaurant to give your taste buds the joy of having the best meal.