What Is the Best Dog Food for Allergies Sensitive Skin?


Food sustains us. Therefore, it’s essential to be careful about what we consume. The same logic is applicable for dogs. In fact, dogs respond differently to food and not all dogs have the same response to a similar food. And that is the reason, you should get concerned about the food you are making your dog eat. At times, it can result in allergies and itchy skin. That aside, if your dog has an allergy or is suffering from sensitive skin, you should be careful about what you are feeding him or her.

The case of dog allergies and sensitive skin

Like human beings, a dog’s skin covers its body and prevents any harmful organisms from getting inside the body. Even though it has a protective purpose, dog skin is usually thin and sensitive. It is one of the reasons why it has a secure covering of coat or fur.

The skin comprises of three layers, namely subcutis, dermis, and the epidermis. Simply put, the epidermis is on the outer layer that you can find underneath the fur. Also, the dermis is the thickest and the middle layer of the dog skin. Additionally, the subcutis assists the epidermis and dermis and gets composed of connective tissue and fat cells.

What causes dog skin allergies?

Usually, dogs have skin allergies that majorly fall in three categories, grasses, flea bites and molds, allergies or pollens. You can also include food allergies here. The majority of the time, it will lead to skin inflammation. To know more about it and the foods that one must get concerned about with a dog who has allergies and is sensitive, you can check out Dog Lovers Pup.

The food for dogs having skin allergies

The dog food that gets specifically formulated for addressing skin allergies include the following:

How to go about it?

Your furry friend might have sensitive skin and particular allergies from birth. In that case, you will know it beforehand and you have to manage his or her food accordingly. But it can happen, that your dog develops an allergy suddenly. It can be an auto-immune reaction or because of certain food intake. In that case, you need to consult an expert veterinarian and assess what caused the allergy. After that, you need to choose the food recommended by the veterinarian so that your dog can heal up from the allergy and not develop it in the future.

That aside, you should also choose the best dog food brands for your pet checkout ihomepet. It’s because not all brands are created equal. Stick to the brands that your veterinarian suggests so that your dog doesn’t flare up and can stay free from allergies and other skin issues.