What is the best choice between joint preservation and replacement?

Joint Preservation Vs Replacement

What do you think is the best choice for recurring joint pain?

Answer: Joint Replacement Surgery

Indeed! It is. However, apart from that, you can choose the less invasive options to get relief. To make the ultimate choice according to what will suit your current health, you need to visit the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Ludhiana. Like the doctor suggests, Spine Surgery in Ludhiana only when the patient’s condition is severe or other treatment options are not helping to get relief.

When do you need to pay attention to the joint pain?

Still! Many people are active in their 60s or 70s because they still fit and follow a regular exercise regime at a young age. The need for joint replacement surgery is needed when the patient has reached the stage of degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis). Make sure that you consult the doctor when you notice that your joint pain is:

  • Limiting your daily activities
  • The pain which is recurrent for 3 days and nothing is helping
  • The pain which is occurring for months or weeks

What are the causes of joint pain?

Some of the major causes of joint pain are:

  • Tendonitis or tendon degeneration
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle strain
  • Meniscus or labrum cartilage
  • Arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Inherited abnormalities in the joint
  • Injury from a fall or accident with bone or soft tissue trauma
  • Cartilage loss from trauma, or wear and tear

What are the situations when joint preservation is needed?

The major reason to do this is to prevent injury, preserve cartilage, and reduce inflammation. Here are the following cases in which it is suggested:

  • Weight

The more your weight is, it will put higher pressure on the joints and other body parts. So, make sure that you keep control of your weight.

  • Age

The younger you are, preservation techniques are more important for you to get.

  • Muscle conditioning and strength

Muscles are important as they are the main source of all bodily movements. So, make sure that you restore or maintain the muscle strength & flexibility.

  • Location

DIfferent joint preservation needs are essential for the knees. In addition, you can get benefits through hip & shoulder replacement.

What are the non-surgical options to treat joint pain?

  • Injections (Hyaluronic acid or corticosteroids) reduce inflammation
  • Cartilage transplant
  • Partial Transplant

How beneficial is a full joint transplant?

In case you have undergone conservative treatment or if the cartilage damage or bone is not possible to repair then joint replacement is your safe treatment option. Moreover, for the effective results to see on time, you need to only choose this option.

There are advanced and modern treatment options which can provide the patient with excellent results and better joint functioning. Moreover, the risks associated with the same are extremely less.

Get the doctor assistance

Your doctor can suggest the best choice for your condition by closely checking what the problem is. Doing so will help you live the best lifestyle and do all the necessary chores like you used to.