What Is The Best Android Emulator For Gaming?


There are so many great games on Android so it should be no surprise to see that there are so many emulators launched right now. You can now easily run any application from the Google Play Store right on your computer. Also, Android emulators can be used by developers to run applications in a very strong sandbox environment.

One thing that many do not know is that there are many different emulators that can be used right now. This is why in this article we will only focus on the very best Android emulators for gaming. Obviously, such a choice can be subjective but every single one of those presented below can be used by you.


LDPlayer may be one of the new Android emulators on the market but it instantly stands out because it is lightweight and very fast. You can use it to play your Android games on Windows computers and feel just like you were playing a game designed for PC. This is how smooth the games run.

The only real limitation with this emulator is the configuration of your PC (obviously together with the complexity of the game). But the emulator will definitely be useful.

LDPlayer is free and does not show ads. Only the really new games are not supported but even those are added very fast after being released.


Nox Player is one of the most popular Android emulators for gamers. It is very user-friendly and the interface can be learned in just a few minutes. Settings can be customized, including screen size, which can go as high as Full HD. You can also customize OpenGL features, DirectX features, and choose how much RAM and CPU power the virtual Android machine uses.

When you want to use a feature, it is very easy to access from a sidebar placed in the right side of the emulator.

MEmu Play

MEmu Play is very strong and was created with gamers in mind. While it is not as known as more popular Android emulators like BlueStacks or Nox, it offers wonderful emulation for both games and apps. It has more options for gaming purposes though so you may want to take this into account in the event that you want to use the Android emulator for something else, not just for gaming.

With MEmu, you can configure different elements so that the emulator is exactly as you want it to be. This includes the use of keyboard mapping to set in-emulator custom controls. As a result, you could, for instance, use your mouse to play games that require you to use the touch screen.

A great part of MEmu is its support for both AMD and Intel chipsets. You can also run it on any Windows version above 7. APK files can be installed with a single click and you will be able to quickly record video if you want to. Custom resolution up to 4K is supported.


BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for gaming right now. It does support the use of several apps, not just games, and the user interface is very simple. During tests, BlueStacks was shown to be faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+ by up to 6 times, which is quite a lot. Gaming controls can so easily be customized and several instances can be run at the same time, as long as the hardware allows you to.

Ko Player

The last Android emulator we should recommend is this one. It helps you to access any game or app designed for Android and the software is actually built directly on x86 Architecture. This means hardware acceleration and OpenGL are supported. Multiple accounts can be used at the same time and when you play a game, you can record it.

The only problem is that this emulator does not have as many features as the stronger ones, like BlueStacks or Nox. Even so, this means that it is incredibly fast.