What Is Really Healthy In Natural Fruit Juices?

What Is Really Healthy In Natural Fruit Juices

Discover ultra-premium fruit juices

Fruit juices are infamous these days. Many nutritionists say they contain little fiber compared to eating whole fruit. But a new category of juice, called super-premium fruit juice, has now emerged and is growing very rapidly.

What is super premium fruit juice?

The super-premium fruit juice category aims to bring the healthiest and most natural form of fruit juice from the producer to the consumer. Super-premium juice consists of the skin and the whole fruit and is more like a juice cocktail. The whole fruit is rich in fiber and contains more vitamins and minerals. Fruits such as mangoes, plums, peaches, and berries are crushed whole and not juiced, so all the pulp is in the bottle.

The juice is heat treated in the same way as milk.

If it is super-premium, it is because it is pasteurized (heated) like milk, that is to say very quickly and at high temperature. This pasteurization restores as much as possible the natural state of the fruit so that more of the health benefits of the fruit are retained and can be consumed. The fact that it keeps as long as milk proves that it is truly a super-premium juice. After pasteurization, it is immediately cold-filtered at a temperature of 4┬░C and must then be transported and stored at this temperature to guarantee a shelf life of about 30 days.

Obtained from ordinary fruit juices

Most fruit juices contain only the juice and not the pulp. Most of the nutrients are contained in the pulp. And most juices are also pasteurized (heated) for a long time to extend their shelf life. This also reduces the nutritional value of the juice, as many nutrients are lost during the heating process. In addition, many bottled juices are made from concentrates in which most nutrients have been reduced.

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High-quality juices are not only healthier, but they also taste great. This is probably due to the fact that you can taste the whole fruit and pasteurization does less damage. I tasted several of these juices and was surprised to find that they tasted the cleanest of any fruit juice I’ve ever drunk.

This is an interesting growth category and it will be interesting to see what great flavors appear in the market.

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