What Is Media Streaming Software Testing and Why Is It Important?

media streaming software

Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, the industry that experienced one of the fastest growths is over the top (OTT) platform. On average, people are using three streaming media subscriptions to entertain themselves or learn something new. With over 110 media streaming software providers, the competition is tough in this domain.

As the competitive pressure is increasing, streaming media providers are finding new ways to differentiate themselves so that they can attract and retain their users. Three traits highly contribute to a successful streaming device:

  1. Delivering personalized experience with user-specific recommendations based on viewing interests and history.
  2. Using customer experience (CX) for improving CX strategy to increase expectations and viewership.
  3. Offering a diverse library of content with a logical organization, making it easy for users to find what they need.

To meet the customer’s expectations, it’s important to value their opinions. Moreover, to give what they came looking for, you need to offer a seamless video streaming experience, which you can enhance with OTT automation testing.

Media Streaming Software Testing

For delivering seamless video content, exhaustive and robust OTT automation testing is necessary. There are plenty of things you could test your streaming software for, but the two things mentioned below are most important:

  • Testing user experience (UX) of individuals that interact with your platform
  • Testing user interface (UI) elements that allow someone to interact with your product

Let us take the example of Netflix. It is famous for its functionality of recommending content based on the user’s interests. Netflix knows that when a user joins their platform, they are after only one thing: content that’s relevant to their taste. 

But what if every time you log in to your Netflix account, it takes three to four minutes to load the recommended content. Your overall experience will decrease even though the interface stays the same. This is why you need to test your streaming app for both how users interact with your product and how you will deliver a seamless experience to your audience.

Importance of OTT Automation Testing

There are over hundreds of video streaming apps. Users can choose when and what to watch and can change the platform if a video does not start within seconds. You lose potential users with every extra second of delay. That’s why, to provide a significant user experience, you need to give top priority to two important OTT testing zones:

  1. A Quality Playback

On-request content and immediate playback are essential functionalities that viewers need the most. The audience loses interest if both these functionalities are not available in the product. Continued crowd commitment and client experience have corresponded with playback quality and performance.

  1. Seamless Delivery

Streaming consistency and user experience define the quality of your products and services. Hence, for positive user feedback and experience, you should ensure consistent delivery of content.


The wide scope of media streaming software used by people introduces a progressing challenge to the development teams. As client experience and streaming quality are crucial for the success of an OTT platform, you need to ensure that your product meets the quality standards. QASource offers customized and top-quality OTT automation testing to ensure your product fulfills every security, performance, quality, and functionality standard before release.