What is Economic Planning for EDOs?

Economic Planning
Economic Planning

Economic planning is the process at the economic development organization (EDOs) that decides on what and how they can do to increase the economic development in the region. In general, it is a way of utilizing and organizing resources to maximize high knowledge and paying jobs. 

Features of Economic Planning

The features of the economic planning include: 

System of Economic Organization

It contains various activities, including production, consumption, distribution, exchange, and finance. These all are planned strategically to attain various goals.

Determining Tasks and Priorities

Under this point, the economic and social targets are defined. Certain priorities are set to attain these tasks.

Central Planning 

All the planning is done by the central planning authority known as the planning commission. 

Declaration of Period

The approved plans involve the determination of economic plans for a specific period.

Regulations and Control

Economic planning is entirely controlled by the government entity. All the plans are determined, regulated, and controlled by the central government. 

Economic and Social Development

The role of the planning department in the EDOs is to promote economic and social developments.

Importance of Economic Planning

The importance of economic planning involves:

Statistical Data

The department is highly dependent on the statistical data to better have clear targets and priorities.

Suitable Economic Organization

The primary vision of establishing the economic organization is to look forward to economic stability and social welfare.

Government Stability

The growth is directly associated with a stable and strong government that can provide a sound infrastructure.

Maintaining Balance

Economic progress is only possible if the government looks after maintaining the right balance between agriculture and industry, public and private sector, urban and rural areas, and cotton and heavy industries

Fixing Targets and Priorities

With economic planning, priorities are set up that help you attain the desired targets.


Economic planning is efficacious if the roots of the administration are clean and tidy. 

Types of Economic Planning

The types of economic planning are listed below:

Based on

  • Capitalist Planning: All the resources are managed, controlled, and regulated by private entrepreneurs or companies.
  • Socialist Planning: It is a dedicated way between communists and capitalists planning.
  • Communist Planning: The resources are managed, organized, and regulated by the government.
  • Fascist Planning: The head entirely manages and takes efficient and important decisions and is regulated, directed, and controlled individually. 
  • Democratic Planning: It is adopted by both public and private sectors that work under the government and follow their rules and regulations.

Based on

  • Long Term & Short Term Planning: When the plan is drafted for a long period.
  • Permanent & Emergency Plan: Such plans are designed to meet urgent needs. 

Based on

  • General & Partial Planning: Achieving economic planning for a particular part of the economy.
  • Regional, National, & International: When the economic plan is drafted for the regional level is regional planning. Similarly, the same concept is followed by the national plan. There are a few complexities that a local government has to deal with the foreign government to extend the hand for development both ways. 
  • Centralized & Decentralized: The economic plan drafted by a central authority is the centralized plan. Whereas planning done by regional authorities is decentralized planning. 

Objectives of Economic Planning

The objectives are categorized in the following:

Economic Objectives: The economic objectives are defined under sub-categories that let the objective satisfy the efficacy. It includes the following:

  • Utilization of National Resources
  • Employment
  • Appropriate Development
  • Minimizing Economic Inequalities
  • Increasing Production and Productivity
  • Leveraging Standard of Living
  • Economic Security and Stability

Social Objectives: Such objectives deal with old age, pensions, unemployment, allowances, accidental insurance, and so on. 

  • Social Security
  • The Social Equality
  • Social Welfare

Political Objectives: This objective includes other sub-categories as follows:

  • Promoting Defense
  • Promoting Internal Peace
  • Satisfying Political Ego


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