What is Earned Media and Its importance for a PR agency?

A businessman in a suit reading Business newspapers.

There are different types of media groups such as owned, shared, paid, and earned media. Each of them offers a huge opportunity to influence the target audiences. In this article, we will be talking about earned media, its importance for a PR agency, and how it can be achieved in PR.

As the name suggests it is media that you earn by not generating the content about your brand by yourself, but rather via organic methods like bloggers, customers, or influencers. Mostly, brands build earned media strategies through PR, digital marketing, and events. Earned media can be earned organically when bloggers, journalists, or influencers broadcast about your brand and you don’t have to pay for it. There is no need to pay for the publicity done through earned media and hence, it is also known as free media. As the earned media is not controlled by brands, it becomes more trustworthy among the customers.

How to achieve earned media in PR?

Earned media is the outcome of media relations and influencer outreach. But it is very important to have a detailed knowledge of the brand to achieve more. As earned media is content that is not paid for and created by itself about the business and organization, it is very important to analyze the interest of social media analysts, journalists, bloggers to give perfect exposure to the client.

To acquire earned media, it is very important to thoroughly identify the interest of the customers. You need to analyze the right place to promote your business. And for this, you need to identify the sites your customers are interested in visiting, what are the social channels that they are following, or find top-performing content based on their interests.

After this brief, an earned media campaign is established by the PR firm. The media relations and outreach can be done in many forms like product launches, events, product placements, targeting reporters and journalists, creative communications, etc.

Another way of achieving earned media by Public Relations professionals of any PR consultancy is by reaching out personally to the influencers that have a huge fan following and have a shared audience with the brand you are working with. You can ask for their interview or to comment on your product or services. This helps a lot in securing earned media exposure.

Why earned media is so important?

It is very important as it is extremely effective and long-lasting. Consumers today greatly follow the content available online, posted by their friends or family. Social media has helped a lot in connecting everyone and hence when someone shares something about the brand (good, bad, ugly), it gets visible in front of millions of people. People trust them and use them for their buying decisions.

Another important factor is it is budget-friendly. You don’t have to pay for the profitable exposure of your brand. It is more credible, as it is available on trusted platforms. Earned media can also be an outstanding way to reach potential customers who fall outside your outdated customer base, but may still be interested in your products or services.