What Is Cardiovascular Exercise?


Cardiovascular exercise is the technical term for endurance or aerobic exercise. These exercises require aerobic metabolism and therefore produce energy so you can keep up with the exercise. 

During these exercises, your breathing becomes heavier and your heart rate increases. The reason why you breathe heavier is to increase the amount of oxygen you get in your blood. It then gets pumped to the muscles you are using during this exercise and helps you keep going for longer. 

Cardiovascular Exercises 

Cardiovascular exercise consists of exercises that increase your heart rate, respiration and increases blood flow. Furthermore, these exercises give you several health benefits such as improving the performance of your lungs, heart, and circulatory system.  

Some exercises that improve the cardiovascular system include; Running, jogging, burpees, swimming, dancing, rowing, kayaking, skipping, stair climbs and many more. Many people do these exercises to improve their cardiovascular system but some people do this to lose weight. 

There are machines that you can use in the gym that will also help with improving your cardiovascular system. Some of these machines are; Ski trainers, stair climbers, rowing machines, treadmills, cycle machines and many more. These are all great for burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system. 

Major Categories For Cardiovascular Exercises

There are different types of cardiovascular exercises as well such as high-impact, low-impact, and no-impact cardio. 

Low-Impact Cardio

This is a  type of cardiovascular exercise that sports therapists will suggest if you have bad knees or hips. Furthermore, people assume that low-impact cardio is not high-intensity but that is not the case. Low-impact cardio is to stop putting a lot of stress on your joints but still use your cardiovascular system. 

High-Impact Cardio 

High-impact cardio will put more stress on your muscles and joints. These are also known as weight-bearing exercises, simply because you are supporting your own body weight with your legs and arms. For example, running, skipping and burpees are all high-impact exercises. 

No-Impact Cardio 

These include exercises performed in water because the water reduces the gravitational pull. Both swimming and water aerobics are great cardiovascular exercises for those that are not able to use their joints or muscles as well. 

Another non-impact exercise that is very common is cycling. Again, another great exercise for those who have a knee injury and are unable to run/ jog. Furthermore, these are great exercises for those who suffer from an arthritic condition.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise?

Cardiovascular exercises have several benefits which is why many people go running, cycling or swimming. The more you perform cardiovascular exercises, the more your cardiovascular system will improve.

Improve Heart Health

One of the main reasons people perform these activities is to improve the health of their hearts. Performing these exercises will not only improve heart health but also strengthen your muscles. It also helps control blood pressure, improves good cholesterol, lowers anxiety and reduces blood sugar. 

Can Improve Brain Health

Another reason why people perform these cardiovascular exercises is that it improves their brain health. Regular cardiovascular exercises can improve your memory and improve your thinking skills. Furthermore, it can also improve the quality of your sleep which is why a lot of people will go for a run after work. It will relax your brain and then help you sleep better at night. 

To Conclude

There are many health benefits to cardiovascular exercises which is why you see so many people running on the street. Furthermore, it isn’t just to lose weight over a short time. It is also there to improve your brain’s functionality as well as increase lung capacity. So, get on your favourite pair of gym leggings and find a cardiovascular exercise that will improve your health.