What Is An Airlock In A Fuel System?

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Most car owners often come across problems that they have not faced before. If they have, they usually don’t know how to proceed with fixing the issue at hand. However, it does not hurt to have information that can potentially save you a lot of time and fix the problem yourself.

If your engine suddenly decides to bubble up or refuses to start then your engine must be airlocked. Airlockoccurs when air leaks into the fuel delivery line or from the tank; this stops the fuel supply and ultimately stops the engine from running properly or all together in some cases, which is also referred to as “engine is airlocked.” This is the basic definition of the problem.

How to Bleed Air from Fuel Line?

Before understanding how to bleed air from the fuel line, it is important to know what a fuel line is; the fuel line is basically the hose or pipe that is used to transfer the fuel from one point of the vehicle to another. The process can be done by using Fuel Injector Cleaning. If not, then it is typically recommended to loosen the fuel-line at the inlet of the injectors while the engine is still cranking. This will enable the excess air to be pushed out of the system by the high pressure of the fuel pump. Once this has been done, you will be able to resolve the issue at hand.

How Do You Know Your Fuel System is Airlocked?

If you are not a car enthusiast then it can be difficult to understand what the actual problem is with the vehicle. However, there is a simple method through which you can determine whether the fuel system is airlocked or not. If it is then you will see air bubbles in the fuel line which can lead to stalling, engine hiccupping, or complete refusal to start. As the air is compressed, it is not allowing the pressure to rise high enough to open the fuel injector and that’s the fundamental basis of the problem. Now we will discuss how to get rid of the airlock.

How to Get Rid of Airlock?

In order to run the engine properly again, you have to remove the air from the fuel system before turning on the vehicle. In simpler terms, the airlock is the restriction of or the complete stoppage of liquid flow caused by vapor trapped in a high point of a liquid-filled pipe system. Since the gas is less dense than the liquid, it rises to any high points.

Taking things systematically, the first step is locating the manual fuel pump primer on the engine; this might be a small lever that can be pumped up and down. The following step is not only technical but also a crucial part of the solution. You will need to open the bleed screw on the top of the secondary fuel filter and then start pumping the primer pump. This will result in fuel and bubbles coming out of the bleed screw.