What Is A Tandoor And How Do Tandoor Ovens Work?

Tandoor Ovens Work

Tandoor ovens are made by artisans who are dedicated to quality and beauty. Each Tandoor oven is handcrafted and undergoes strict quality control at every stage of production.

What Is A Tandoor?

– A tandoor oven is a traditional Indian clay pot.

– It is cylindrical in shape and uses wood or charcoal as fuel.

– It reaches temperatures of over 400°C.

How Does A Tandoor Oven Work?

Cooking in a tandoor is similar to a barbecue. However, the taste of the food cooked in a tandoor is fundamentally very different.

– The combination of spices, high temperatures (400°C), metal skewers and clay gives the food a unique flavor. Something that cannot be replicated by conventional grills, domestic ovens, or barbecues.

– Food cooked in a tandoor is cooked both on the outside by the heat of the clay pot and on the inside by the radiant heat of the metal skewer.

– Because tandoori oven cook at extremely high temperatures and from the inside at the same time, they cook much faster than other cooking methods. Compared to other cooking methods, the meat is usually cooked in less than half the time.

Advantages of Cooking In a Tandoor.

– Individual flavor

– Oil-free cooking method.

– Quickly seals in the flavor of the meat.

– No loss of vitamins and minerals during cooking due to heat transfer by radiation.

– Chicken, meat, and vegetable skewers can be cooked in about 12 minutes.

– A whole chicken in about 30 minutes

– A whole leg of lamb cooked in less than an hour

– Virtually maintenance free