What is a good clickthrough Rate (CTR) for ecommerce?


What is a good clickthrough Rate (CTR) for ecommerce?

When you want your ads to get a high number of clicks and responses and cater to all audiences possibly related to your industry and service, you try to invest more in your campaign. Here, CTR comes into play; clickthrough rate is what gives you an assurance that your ads and campaigns are reaching the right audience.

Let’s get to know more about it!

Clicktrough Rate (CTR) is a performance metric that is expressed in percentages that calculates the number of times users clicked on an ad, email, or organic search result versus the number of times users viewed, which is called as impressions. It determines the effectiveness of organic paid search, display, and email marketing campaigns. Clickthrough rate is basically a measure of the significance of the ads or emails you display, which then affects their position on search result pages and its cost-per-click.

Click-through rate is an important digital marketing metric, which is the ratio of the link clicks from link impressions

CTR = Clicks / impressions

A good clickthrough rate mainly depends on your industry, your aim, targeted audience, and your skills to use it on the platform provided. Also, search network CTR and Google display network CTR are very different, and hence it’s important to study both of them to know what exactly this industry feels like.

What is CTR mainly used for?

CTR is considered really helpful in analyzing the statistics of your campaigns and your audience’s interest in your ads. It shows how well your keywords and ads are able to win the clicks. It keeps check on your ads and makes you aware of the customer’s needs. Once you know the percentage of CTR your ads receive, you can compare the clickthrough rates of other competitors in your industry and make your improvement likewise.

When it comes to Ecommerce marketing, let us choose Google shopping Ads, which is an effective way of marketing your products online. If you have a high average CTR, this indicates your products are drawing attention and traffic to your site, which means more audiences are interested in your product.

Based on the CTR level, your ad rank and quality score will change. Be well aware that the organic clickthrough rate is influenced mainly by ranking. Also, the average CTR is a good indicator of performance. If you have a low CTR, it may be an indicator that your product title or its description isn’t effective or that you are targeting the wrong audience or spending money on the wrong keywords!

There is an optimal range of CTR, but many of the advertisers out there cannot achieve them due to their various constraints.

How can you improve your CTR?

It is very important to analyze your data for reaching significant CTR that are prevalent in ecommerce. There are some optimizations you need to follow in order to improve your CTR. What most influences clicks on these ads is your art to adjust creativity into that short banner and place it accordingly on the page. For this, you must importantly focus on aspects such as catchy headlines, visually appealing and attractive elements on images such as graphs, pie charts, or offer details (if any). Try to make video ads as it is visible more significantly.

Try to focus on optimizing your ads to land on the first-page or first-slot ad position. This can provide you with even a much more percentage of CTR than any average. It is also advisable to run varied and different types of ads to the same audience in order to test what attracts them the most. This metric is used to evaluate which ads and keywords are more successful than others. Importantly, be well aware of the use of SKAGs (single keyword ad group) while paying for your keywords, which will surely drive your quality scores to the next level.

Try to add multiple site links and options on your ad page so that the user finds his/her interests easily. Also, make your landing pages are optimized well for conversion on all devices, as many users nowadays prefer to feed data on their smartphones itself. Try to focus well on PPC ads as well.

Google Ads (PPC) for ecommerce?

PPC (pay-per-click) for ecommerce is an online advertising strategy that works by displaying ads on websites and search engines of Google for promoting online stores and their products. You will pay only if your ad is ‘clicked’ by the user irrespective of how many times your ad is displayed on the screen. Google shopping ads are the best examples of PPC ads.

So then, what is a good CTR?

The average CTR of the search network ad is 3.17%, which is higher CTR as compared to the ads on the display network, which is 0.46%. The reason is that the users on the search network are searching something based on the related keywords, but in display ads, users are viewing display ads when they simply surf on something; there won’t be any intention to click an ad. So that there will be a lot of users will be seeing the display ads and less number of clicks.

The average shopping clickthrough rate (CTR) across all industries is 0.86% for Google Ads. So anything more than this is a good CTR for any Ecommerce marketing.

A drawback to understand about CTR:

Although the clickthrough rates (CTR) assess how well users react to marketing or advertising campaigns, it does not translate such success into monetary value. For example, you might have high CTR from unqualified prospects or uninterested customers.

In other words, it is difficult to determine how specific marketing activities influence sales and revenue by only looking at the clickthrough rate. Hence, it has to be used in combination with the conversion rate, which indicates the percentage of clicks that result in actual sales.


In the end, it’s quite controversial. There is no right CTR, and there is always a hope to achieve higher as well. Because it is hard to track which clicks are relevant and which are not. You need to look for your conversion rate and ROI yourself if you’re running an ad campaign. Set a benchmark according to you and try to step it up day by day. Follow and implement the tips shared above, and you will soon achieve your desired clicks!

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