What is a Freelance Proposal Template: Advantages and Rules


In addition to full-time employees, each organization can outsource required specialists, that is freelancers. Unlike employees who work for the company on a continuous basis, freelancers are engaged to perform any assignments for a certain period of time only (it can be a one-time assignment or occasional engagement). Freelance professionals do not have an employment agreement but a civil law contract, and they are not entitled to such benefits as paid sick leave and vacation. In fact, any company can hire such a specialist. However, outsourcing has the highest demand in such industries as construction, IT, and marketing. 

Often, freelancers do their work remotely. Freelancing can be an option to substitute full-time employment or as one of the options for earning extra money. Examples of freelance workers are tutors, accountants, pastry chefs, and web developers.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing 

The lack of monetary incentives, paid sick leaves and vacations, as well as some psychological nuances of work can be considered the main disadvantages of freelance employment.

As for organizations, the use of freelance specialists enables them to have the following benefits:

  • to reduce the load on the HR department, as the number of documents required to be filled out is reduced;
  • to optimize the budget: the fees are paid to freelancers according to their performance; furthermore, most specialists have their own equipment;
  • there is no limit to the number of freelancers that can be hired.

How to write a letter offering freelance collaboration  

The success of freelancers depends to a large extent on their ability to draft a successful freelance proposal template on cooperation. Such a letter is a written document in which a specialist offers his/her professional services on mutually beneficial terms. The main task of the proposal is to get the potential employers interested and encourage them to continue communication with the sender. Cooperation offers often become a starting point for the closing of deals and the conclusion of long-term contracts.

As it was noted, the capacity to put together a good proposal sample and the ability to send and track it are essential to the success of freelancers. This is one of the main reasons why proposal management software is extremely popular at the moment.

One of the best online proposal management tools that enable users to maximize their professional capabilities is Pandadoc software.

Pandadoc: a convenient application to manage documents

Pandadoc is a tool that helps you quickly write and send a sample of an individual freelance proposal. Due to the fact that this software enables you to create and save a freelance proposal template, any other relevant information can be easily sent with it. This effort is a matter of literally one minute.

The main resources of Pandadoc are ready-to-use templates and a content library. 

The services provided to users by Pandadoc enable you to create a freelance proposal template and include images or formatted copies, as well as brand them according to your specific business profile. You can also save your sample and portfolio for any specific activity or environment in the content library. 

PandaDoc’s customizable notification feature enables you to track the further progress of the document. For example, you can get information about the date and time when a potential employer opened the proposal, and how much time was spent reading it.

Pandadoc software is a tool for smartphones. It operates perfectly on IQS and Android.