What is a Forex White Label?

What is a Forex White Label?
What is a Forex White Label?

Forex white label is an opportunity to develop your business without spending hours on development and your own marketing plans, using an existing third-party trading platform with your own name. It’s very simple. We’ll talk about the other details and how it works in our article right now.

White Label Solutions

Forex white label brokerage implies cooperation with a provider and profiting from the trading volumes that your clients generate. This type of service is quick and easy to launch and has many advantages for you.

A white label provider can help you with all aspects of your business, from legal issues to building your website and marketing campaigns. A white label provider can also provide you with access to branded MT4/MT5 trading platforms with mobile apps, trading tools and other features. Let’s discuss in detail some of the unique benefits that can be provided to you as a future WL client.

What is the MT4/MT5 White Label?

MT5 White Label is a trading platform that allows a brokerage firm to offer stocks, futures and Forex trading services to clients and has many extra advantages. While MT4 is the most popular platform, MT5 is more flexible and helps correct any MT4 mishaps. It is not as well known as MT4, but if you are setting up a new Forex brokerage, MT5 White Label is the most viable solution. The official MT5 client costsas little as $75,000 for 1,000 users and as much as $300,000 for 200,000 trader accounts. The cost of a MT5 White Label solution provider is usually significantly lower than the cost of the MT4/MT5 from MetaQuotes.

A white label solution will not require you to have a MetaTrader server license or run servers and infrastructure around the clock. Instead, you’ll simply be responsible for dealing with the platform provider.

The main advantages of white label brokerage are quick start-up of an online broker, regular technical support and no setup costs that are incurred when using the full dealing model. This approach gives you hands-on experience in the business and allows you to work with your own clients.

The white label model is perfect for a beginner who wants to get a jumpstart in the Forex market. While the white label model is a great way to jumpstart your business, it does have its drawbacks. It can be hard to get started without the necessary resources, which is why it is so important to choose a WL provider that offers the tools you need. The main characteristics for choosing the right white label are ratings and good feedback from clients.

B2Broker will be a great option for you because it has all the tools you need to start your own business. The company suggests business owners to choose white label MetaTrader (versions 4 and 5) as these trading platforms are the market leaders that provide traders with access to dozens of trading instruments, funds and timeframes.

New brokers get access to the deepest pools of liquidity as B2Broker provides Prime of Prime liquidity — a pool of Tier 1 banks, market makers, Forex prime brokers, and other key players — to ensure traders never suffer from excessive spreads or price slippage. This is a great firm to start your business with right now.


The white label solution cost depends on the type of Forex broker you want to open and who your target audience is, but usually starts at thousands of dollars per month. You can even get a free trial of the software to determine which features and options best suit your needs.