What insurance does your Pizzeria need?


To ensure that your customers can continue to enjoy pizza and don’t leave you to Pizza Hut, we want to protect your pizzeria from any damages that your restaurant could be subject to as well as the civil liability claims you could face . If you don’t have your pizzeria covered, you’ll need to cover the responsibility for the damages and compensate using your personal assets when you are self-employed or the assets of your pizzeria if it is company. Consider the expense of re-decorating your pizzeria or replacing the entire furniture (ovens or kitchens.) in the case of fire or flooding at your pizzeria.

The Pizza Shop Insurance is typically commercial insurance which is designed, in one way to safeguard your premises (the container) along with the furniture , and the inventory (the contents) against water damage, fire electrical short circuits, damaged windows , etc. as well as, on the other hand the civil responsibility of the building itself for damage to third parties which could result from these guarantees, as well as the civil liability that results from the restaurant and hotel activities of the pizzeria, and an legal defense against potential claims.

At catering insurance will be able to advise yourself completely free of charge on the commercial and general civil liability insurance that best suits your Pizzeria and take out your insurance with the Company you choose at the best price.

Apart from the coverage that will protect the building and furniture that are the primary security features of a commercial insurance policy, it is suggested that commercial insurance for pizzerias has insurance for civil liability to cover the running within the Pizzeria , (personal or material damage that could be resulted to third parties as a result of conducting your hotel or restaurant activities) and civil liability for the employer (for injuries that your employees might suffer) as well as civil liability for product (for the possibility of intoxication for clients, for instance).

There are numerous other optional insurances that can be added or purchased separately from the insurance for business of a pizzeria. They include the deterioration of food stored within refrigerators -for instance, in the event that the power is cut off due to lightning-, injuries to you or your employees, loss of benefits when the pizzeria is forced to close the blind for a certain period of time because from a loss covered malfunctioning machinery (due an accident that causes damage to your kitchen equipment like) and fraud, infidelity or theft from employees such as the theft of cash from cash registers or the promise of theft that includes the losses you have to endure from your customers for a period of time, such as those suffered by your customers.

If the location of your pizzeria are being rented out, you just must insure the contents (refrigerators as well as sound equipment tables, ovens chairs and so on.) as part of your commercial insurance because the owner takes charge of the continent. Another alternative is to get an insurance policy for general civil liability for the pizzeria which also includes locative Catering Liability Insurance . It is, in other words, it will cover civil liability for damages to the property caused by flooding, fire or deflagration. The cost of general liability policy policy for pizzerias is cheaper than the cost of commercial insurance however it should be taken into consideration that the location of the RC coverage is not required in a lot of policies, and it is recommended to purchase it and in all cases it is not covered. Furniture damage, and neither are there any guarantees from commercial insurance that can be added that could be extremely interesting for a pizzeria for example, the security of refrigerated items or fraudulent or dishonesty of employees (in the case that theft occurs).

What is the cost of you Pizzeria assurance cost?

The cost that commercial insurance companies charge for pizza shop is calculated based on its area of operation, the size that the restaurant is, the fact that you’re the owner or a tenant, as this impacts the amount of coverage, the number of employees, security measures that are in place. It is important to keep in mind that certain policies do not cover certain protections like refrigerated items or theft therefore, you should not talk about pizza insurance that is cheap without examining your policy.

To give you an indication when you take out insurance, you can determine the cost of commercial insurance for a pizzeria that you run (and that you are insured for both content and continent) is located on the street within a 200 square meter space with security and alarm measures, and having 6 employees located in Madrid the place is possible to contract an annual premium of 830 euros per year, based on the amount of coverage offered as well as the Insurance Company chosen according to an analysis of commercial insurance premiums which will be conducted in January 2021, in conjunction with the major insurers.

When the restaurant is rented out for lease, but you don’t insure the premises, the cost of Catering Insurance will decrease and is available starting at 320 euros per year, based on the insurance company and the policy chosen.

If you choose to take out the general liability coverage to cover your cafeteria, then the cost will be based on the RC insurance coverage.

To give an example, consider the cost of a civil Liability insurance policy for pizza restaurant that covers Operating Responsibilities, Delivered Product Responsibilities and Employer Responsibilities, assuming the fact that it has six employees and a income of 150,000 euro is calculated at 200 euros/year as per a comparison of the general civil liability insurances that were issued in January 2021, compared to the principal insurers.