What Does An ISO Consultant Do? And Benefits Of Hiring An ISO 27001 Consultant


An ISO consultant is an expert who helps organizations develop and implement processes and systems that are compliant with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management. There are many benefits to hiring an ISO consultant, including reducing risk, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

ISO 27001 consulting firms offer a variety of specialized services, such as building an ISMS and conducting internal audits to employee onboarding, streamlining evidence collection, and more. While every ISO 27001 consultant such as AWD is unique, most offer the following services.

1. ISMS implementation

The ISO 27001 functional Information Security Management System (ISMS) is the core requirement of ISO 27001 compliance. As such, an ISO 27001 consultant near you can help you design, build, and implement every facet of the ISMS system in accordance with ISO 27001 requirements.

2. Securing cloud infrastructure

With more and more companies using cloud technology, cloud security has become another main requirement for ISO 27001 compliance.

When securing your cloud environment, a compliant ISMS consultant should consistently keep track of the protection of cloud services. A consultant can assist you in implementing and using tools to scan and secure your cloud infrastructure.

3. Policy creation

Paperwork that’s difficult and time-consuming to write is often used as templates. Unaware workers are therefore led to practices that don’t fit corporate policy.

An ISO 27001 consultant will have extensive knowledge of your company’s needs before they create your security policies.

4. Risk assessment and management

From unfamiliar users to vulnerable partners, security issues must be addressed for all facets of security, from risk management to implementing ISO 27001 standards.

Your ISO 27001 expert also needs to manage vendor risk assessments, as risk management is an ongoing process that involves staying in regular contact with your vendors’ compliance status.

5. Employee onboarding

Even though an ISO 27001 consultant is not going to be sitting on your selection committee, they can be a helpful resource for improving onboarding for your employees.

One of the most common issues in companies is making new hires more security-aware. If your company is already proficient at conducting security training during onboarding, a consultant will be able to help you make it more effective and widespread to every single employee, not just new team members. If employees don’t acknowledge security policies, many auditors will raise exceptions.

6. Evidence collection

You’ll use evidence such as configuration screenshots and documentation when going through the ISO 27001 gap analysis. This is crucial in any ISO 27001 audit. Your consultants will pay attention to this evidence.

7. Auditing and reporting

An ISO 27001 consultant may also conduct an external inspection and generate internal audit reports. Not every consultant offers this service, especially if an external audit is required.

A consultant may at least direct you after the audit if they are not performing it on their own. A consultant must be able to construct a readiness assessment based on the preparation you’ve made.

Benefits of hiring an ISO 27001 consultant

Hiring an ISO 27001 consultant has several advantages.

  1. Streamlined ISMS integration and compliance

ISO 27001 consultants have a wealth of experience at their disposal, and they can easily help set up an ISMS within your company. Even for an existing ISMS, a consultant can identify any flaws.

These policies are adequate to streamline ISMS surveillance and the whole compliance process. Even for other areas of compliance, such as risk assessments and audits, using an expert can save organizations time and money.

  1. Easier audits and reporting

There’s nothing more discouraging than completing an audit just to learn there are significant flaws. If a review weren’t bad enough, going through it again is a daunting task.

Before an ISO 27001 audit begins, consultants who are ISO 27001-certified may conduct a readiness assessment. Then, this assessment will help streamline the audit and reporting related to compliance.

  1. Better security for the long-term

Many ISO 27001 consulting firms can stay with their clients over the long term to help conduct regular internal audits and make certain that crucial ISMS compliance procedures are followed.

In summary, hiring an ISO 27001 consultant can help your company to understand the benefits of ISO 27001 and the internals of the standards before the implementation. This will help you to follow the process to avoid any adverse effects on the reputation of your company. You can choose to have an ISO 27001 consultancy during the implementation, which can help you to identify the risks along with the mitigation strategies.